Tuesday, July 1, 2008

My Favorite Things

  1. Old, unused gift certificates. Ben and I went shopping Saturday and I got all kinds of new stuff for free! Thanks to old gift certificates I had yet to use, I came home with a new skirt, a pair of shoes, a cast iron skillet, bed lifts for our guest bed, and a new micro-plane course grater. Not too shabby, eh?

  2. New shoes. The very same shoes I got for free on Saturday. Love the color!

  3. Saving money at the grocery store. Upcoming post for those of you that even care about this topic.

  4. Nutri-grain Blueberry waffles. In a taste test, you would not be able to tell them apart from regular old blueberry waffles. A great way to start any morning off right!

  5. Going Green. Go ahead, call me a Tree-hugging Liberal - I don't care. What's so wrong with trying to be a good steward of the Earth God gave us? I am just getting started and have a long way to go, but it feels good to know I am doing my part to help.

  6. Target reusable shopping bags. Speaking of going green...
    They are HUGE, eco-friendly and only $1.50 each (a smaller version is available for $.99). They also fold up nicely, making them easy to store and grab on the go. (I keep mine in my car for easy access.)

  7. Shi Shoe Store. Maybe I am in the dark, but until about a year ago I had never heard of this store. It just magically appeared in the Galleria. The shoes, bags and accessories are so cute and very modestly priced. Check it out!

  8. Cottonelle Toilet Paper. I am all about comparing prices and trying to save money. But I refuse to cut corners when it comes to TP. This is my favorite brand! (Is it that obvious that I am trying to come up with 10 favorite things this week and have resorted to sharing my favorite toilet paper with you?)

  9. Rave Hairspray. I have been using this brand since my 80's bangs (a.k.a. The Waugh Poof).
    * I am aware that aerosol hairspray is not good for the environment. Please do not call me a hypocrite.

  10. Being married! We are coming up on one year in a little less than a week and I still feel like a blushing bride!


Blake said...

By the way, my rather scientific mind will not let me sit by and watch a dear friend waste time and money...or feel guilty for something you shouldn't.

"Going Green" really refers to the green money you are putting in the coffers of those institutions and corporations who are exploiting decent people's good will.

Additionally, your hairspray isn't destroying the planet, making it hotter or causing any animal to gasp for their next breath. If you destroy Ozone (O3) guess what it becomes? O2...which "aint' bad". That is IF CFC's even harm Ozone in the first place.

Good steward? yes. Arrogance to think people can destroy the earth? No thanks. But that's just my opinion. :)

Camron & Martina (Plus One) said...

I need to hear about the money saving grocery tips! Hurry up and post those.

Happy EARLY anniversary!

Your friend Blake's comment makes me feel good as I also use aerosole hairspray!

The Woodwards said...

I didn't know about the Target bags... cool. I love your favorite things posts!

{Amanda} said...

2) very cute shoes; you can pull off looking great in flats like no one else i know =)

3) need to know more about this too

5) believe we should all be more aware of how wasteful a society we are & how we abuse the Earth...and then we should actively do something to change it...your #6 is a perfect example. good job chickie!

8) yeah, this gets me every time: have to have the cushy stuff...perhaps that's not very "green" either!

10) HURRAH FOR JAMIE & BEN...i love y'all both!

Anonymous said...

An update for the curious minds out there. First, the problem with destroying atmospheric ozone is not "what it becomes"...it's what it will not longer be, namely, a shield against deadly ultraviolet rays. No one has argued this point for 25 years or more.

The GOOD NEWS is that thanks to common-sense solutions and international cooperation, spray bottles, fridges, etc., NO LONGER contain CFCs. And, as predicted by scientific minds, the ozone layer has naturally mended.

It's a success story we should celebrate. As with many challenges facing humanity, some American innovation and commitment can make our lives -- and those of our children and their children -- a whole lot better.

We just have to make sure knee-jerk reactions and old habits don't get in the way of us doing what needs to be done!

Blake said...

the discussion on "green" reminds me of one of my favorite quotes...hope you enjoy it.

"What we call virtues are often just a collection of casual actions and selfish interests which chance or our own industry manages to arrange. It is not always from valor that men are valiant, or from chastity that women are chaste."
(Francois de La Rochefaucold)

Anonymous said...

Actually the debate about what Ozone becomes versus what it would no longer be is absurd.

The concerns of someone who shall remain anonymous are really of no consequence. The very UV rays that "anonymous" incorrectly labels as "deadly" (ozone is only deadly in excessive amounts and it is the UV rays that people want to block that allows for the proper uptake through bioavailability and human untilization of Vitamin D) possess the very photon (radiation <240nm) needed to cause O2 or dioxygen to combine with a single oxygen molecule to become more O3 or ozone. It is just one more of God's perfect creation. A cycle that can't be interrupted or discontinued by humankind.

Jessa Mullen said...

WOW I think your "going green" comments has stirred up some emotions !!!!
So I am not yet there in the whole "go green" thing, but I do like the idea of the red Target bags.. Do you think they could monogram those? Oh I am just joking...
For real though.. Shi Shoe Shoe.. I do not know about this place... Michael thanks you for introducing me to another place for me to love and shop in...
I love your "weekly favorites"...

The Grizzles said...

Who knew my blog had so many interesting readers! I am loving the reactions. I agree a little with all of you. Please feel free to discuss any thoughts on here...I am thoroughly enjoying the attention!;-)

The Woodwards said...

Seriously, they have me on the edge of my seat.... I love reading debatable issues... very interesting!! Thanks anonymous 1 and anonymous 2 yall are thoroughly entertaining ;) Please post where you are getting your info.

Blake said...

Of course I would tend to agree on this topic with anonymous 2. Let me be clear that I think God calls us to be responsible in how we "rule over the earth" (Genesis 1:26)
I think the primary question isn't if we should take care of the earth but exactly what it means to do so and exactly how fragile the planet is.
I can't find any legitimate scientific reason to think the earth is nearly as fragile as the "green" people seem to think. Nor do I think the issue is consumption, UV radiation, Acid Rain, oil usage, nuclear energy or any imaginary greenhouse effect.
Now before some of you get all hot and bothered about my apparent Neanderthal-esque approach to the earth, climate and the future of the human race, let me ask you where your information regarding the hazards listed above has originated? MTV? CNN? FoxNews? Friends?
My guess is that none of us writing here, myself included, have a Ph.D. in Geothermal Physics or Atmospheric Sciences...so why would anyone here feel confident in a position about which we have much to learn?

My thoughts are just that...my thoughts. They are rooted in what I feel to be common sense, my education and some really cool conversations with a guy the U.S. Govt considers to be an expert in this area...Roy Spencer, Ph.D. Roy attended church with my dad in Huntsville until just recently and he is considered by most to be an authority in the area of climate change. He says man made climate change is bunk and scientifically laughable. Since his experience, education and research happens to line up with what I think to be true, I tend to put stock in it...but no one else has to.
God gave us all brains and I think we are charged to use them to make decisions for ourselves that best display the "Imago Dei" and "Missio Dei"...but again...that's just my opinion.