Friday, February 19, 2010

Projects Around the House

Some new additions...


We got these at a cute little boutique in Nashville.


 I promised a photo of the mirrors I got at atHome. I am trying to figure out how I want to dress this window. I am thinking of doing something like this:


 These hung above our bed at the old place.
Now they are by our bedroom door.

An actual wedding photo in that frame would be nice.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

My Favorite Things - Cooking Edition

Cooking is one of my all time favorite things to do. So I decided to make a MFT list for one of my favorite things. These are all items that I use constantly in my kitchen and and so happy to have!

1. "Y" Peeler. This particular style of peeler works so well for me. I use it all the time on potatoes (another favorite thing) but it is also handy to peel a sliver off of a citrus fruit when you just want to flavor something while it cooks.

2. Wine opener. It is so easy to use and it not only pops the cork out of the bottle but also twists the cork back off of the screw with just the touch of a button.

3. Garlic Peeler. Just put a piece of garlic in the tube, roll in under your hand and the peeled garlic pops out. It is easy to use and keeps your hands from smelling like garlic for days.

4. Kitchenaid Mixer. This was a wedding gift and I am sooooo happy to have it. I really do use it all of the time.

5. Cast Iron Pots. I have several Le Creuset casserole dishes that I use all the time and I got a large dutch oven for Christam. They cook evenly and clean up easy peasy. Amanda Brooke got me a little pot for Christmas as well. She's a great friend!

6. Tongs. These are my third hand in the kitchen. I use them to handle raw chicken, toss pasta with sauces, flip meat...anything I would use my hands for.

7. Measuring Bowl. This is great because it is big enough to measure large quatnities but it is really handy for batters. Mix and pour into baking dish. Betty bought me a Martha Stewart batter bowl for Christmas. It is even Martha blue - my favorite!


9.Zester. I recommend having a course microplane and a fine zester.



10. Lemon juicer.

Honorable Mention: Label Maker

Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day was great this year. Last year we bought a house so Ben had big shoes to fill. But as always, he was up to the challenge.

Friday we got a beautiful snow that set the mood for the rest of the weekend.

From the church door.
We got to leave early because of the "Winter Storm".

 The drive home.




Marley wasn't a fan of the snow.

We exchanged gifts on Friday and went out for an early dinner to beat the crowds. He gave me a new sweater, a pot (I actually asked for it) and the Ballard's willow trays I was crossing my fingers for. He took me out to eat (twice) and gave me beautiful tulips (one of my faves) on the actual day. Not too shabby!


I gave him some candy, an Alabama tag for his new car, some slippers because he is always complaining his feet are cold and an iTunes gift card.

I love you, honey! Thanks for always making me feel special.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!


P.S. This is my 250th post!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Projects for Dining Room

Our Current Dining Room

Wish List for Dining Room






Friday, February 12, 2010

Projects for the Living Room

Our current Living Room

Wish List for Living Room:

A Pair of Leather Chairs

The Brandon Rug from Pottery Barn

A console table for far wall


Drop Leaf Table to go between the chairs


 Art for above the sofa



A new light...
 Either a drum pendant...



A Hundi Lantern

Thursday, February 11, 2010

My Favorite Things

1. Gift Wrapping. I love putting a little extra love into the wrapping of a package or present. One day, I would love to have a room just for this kind of thing.



2. Gift Wrap Armoire. A while back I decided to stop waiting on my gift wrap room and make a gift wrap cabinet. I turned this project into a home for all of my trimmings. I love having everything in one place.


3. Lemon Water. Whenever I order water or tea at a restaurant I always say, "No lemon, please." This is mostly because of something I saw on 20/20 about the germs on those little slices. But when I am at home I love to put a slice of lemon under my ice and fill my glass with water. I have recently become aware of all of the health benefits of drinking my water this way. Go here, here, here and here to learn more.
I also like to add a straw to my glass. I am trying to drink more water and this, along with the lemons, really seems to help.

4. Strawberries and Cottage Cheese. I know 90% of you are gagging right now. Probably questioning my sanity for eating cottage cheese at all. But I love it. I always have. I had nearly forgotten about it though. Last week, my hair stylist was giving me tips on how she lost 30 lbs. (You look amazing, Lori!). She said she eats this little combo for breakfast or for late night snacks. So I tried it. Cottage cheese, strawberries and a little sugar. I was concerned about the sugar but relieved to find out it tastes great. AND it is very filling.

5. Curry. I made Curry Chicken Salad last week and had Chicken Massaman for lunch one day after that. I could eat it every day. So yummy. (p.s. if you want to make your mouth water - google curry images. There is a puddle of drool on my desk right now.)

6. The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love. This season is so good. I haven't watched the Bachelor since college but I am definitely one of those crazy girls that is all about it this time around.

7. Geometric Flower Patterns. Such as the one on this blog's borders. Or...

8. Command Picture Hanging Strips. They are cheap, easy to use, leave your walls hole-free and are very forgiving. Picture a little crooked? You can straighten it up with out even removing the strips!

9. Duets. Maybe it is the Church of Christ in me, but I love singing the girl part of a duet while my hubby sings the boy part. I especially love to do this while we are driving in the car. At Christmas time we rock out to "Baby It's Cold Outside" but my all time favorite duet CD is the Walk the Line soundtrack.

10. Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. I want one just like this:

To match Marley. I think they would make a beautiful pair.