Wednesday, February 17, 2010

My Favorite Things - Cooking Edition

Cooking is one of my all time favorite things to do. So I decided to make a MFT list for one of my favorite things. These are all items that I use constantly in my kitchen and and so happy to have!

1. "Y" Peeler. This particular style of peeler works so well for me. I use it all the time on potatoes (another favorite thing) but it is also handy to peel a sliver off of a citrus fruit when you just want to flavor something while it cooks.

2. Wine opener. It is so easy to use and it not only pops the cork out of the bottle but also twists the cork back off of the screw with just the touch of a button.

3. Garlic Peeler. Just put a piece of garlic in the tube, roll in under your hand and the peeled garlic pops out. It is easy to use and keeps your hands from smelling like garlic for days.

4. Kitchenaid Mixer. This was a wedding gift and I am sooooo happy to have it. I really do use it all of the time.

5. Cast Iron Pots. I have several Le Creuset casserole dishes that I use all the time and I got a large dutch oven for Christam. They cook evenly and clean up easy peasy. Amanda Brooke got me a little pot for Christmas as well. She's a great friend!

6. Tongs. These are my third hand in the kitchen. I use them to handle raw chicken, toss pasta with sauces, flip meat...anything I would use my hands for.

7. Measuring Bowl. This is great because it is big enough to measure large quatnities but it is really handy for batters. Mix and pour into baking dish. Betty bought me a Martha Stewart batter bowl for Christmas. It is even Martha blue - my favorite!


9.Zester. I recommend having a course microplane and a fine zester.



10. Lemon juicer.

Honorable Mention: Label Maker


{Amanda} said...

yes ma' my microplane {a fantabulous friend gifted!}

ohhh and on peeling potatoes...check this amazing method out:

Jessa Mullen said...

Ok do tell... Where is that wine opener from. I can not find a good, all of ours suck!

Brian and Ashley said...

Ooooh I adore the Kitchenaid mixer. They have just started making a glass bowl to go with it and I want it DESPERATELY!
Have a fabulous week!

Bon said...

Hi there - just stumbled upon your blog! Love the list of handy kitchen items!!

I had to laugh at your 'honorable mention'... I just wrote a post about a label maker: