Monday, February 1, 2010

Running Shoes

I finally caved and decided to get some "real" running shoes. I made a trip to the Trak Shak in Homewood where they tested my gate and chose a shoe that would work best for me. I experienced several firsts by doing it this way.

1) Buying shoes based on performance and not looks. Who knew shoes could do more than match your outfit?

2) Buying the "right size". Apparently, you are supposed to go up a size in running shoes. I have always considered myself a 7.5/8 but was told I am actually an 8.5 and should wear a 9.5 to run. It took a little convincing, but in the end I trusted them and bought a pair of clown shoes (seriously, y'all - these things are boats).

3) Insoles. I also have really high arches and they recommended an arch support for me. It has never even crossed my mind to buy insoles before and these puppies are rocking my world.

After trying on several pair, I decided on these.

Nike Pegasus

I think I am reallly going to like them. They are Nike plus compatible and feel pretty good. Although, I'm not sure that isn't just because of the extra arch support insoles. Hopefully they will help my running. So far, I suck.


{Amanda} said...

you're gonna be lightning fast! such very cool shoes- "real" running shoes are a great investment =)

Supabloggasuprememama said...

i need some new shoes!!!

Shannon and Andrew said...

Those are cute too!! I wear insert in my tennis shoes for high arches too. They make a HUGE difference.


These are actually different from mine. Same color, but yours must be the new version! Let me know how you like them!