Friday, January 29, 2010

My Favorite Things

A list of my favorite recent decorative purchased and want-to-purchase items.

1. Pierced Urns? I have no idea what these are called - this is the entry that found an image on google. I bought one at HomeGoods in blue but I would kill for the giant white one they have there right now.

2. This fabric is begging me to buy it. I just need to find the perfect place to use it. Too bad I don't know how to reupholster furniture. Wouldn't this look great on a chair???

3. Ben and I have a bet going right now. If I win, I get these trays from Ballards. Only $25 for the set. If I lose - maybe they can be a Valentine's Day gift?

4. Zinc Dresser from Restoration Hardware. Although it is on sale for only $1055 {insert sacrcasm here} I don't think I will be getting this anytime soon. It is beautiful though.

5. Artichoke Bowl? Again...not sure what this is called. Amanda Brooke had one in her new office and I totally loved it. I hope she doesn't mind, but I bought one for myself last night. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery right? This photo is stolen from her too. Thanks Amanda!

6. I would like this light fixture

to replace the boob light (excuse my language, but what else can you call these things? I feel like it should be wearing a bra.) in my living room.

7. I recently purchased 4 sconces similar to these for one of the walls surrounding my tub. I scored a great deal on mine. These are from Ballard's and are priced at $50 each. I got four at atHome for $68 - TOTAL! And I personally think mine are cuter. {Actual photo coming soon.}

8. My mother got me a set of 3 glass cake stands (they are 3 different sizes and heights) for Christmas. I am in love with them. I had been drooling over these and she didn't even know it. She knows me though!

9. Artichoke sculpture thingy. Got this at HomeGoods cause it matched my bowl. On clearance for $8!

10. My good friend, the Monogrammin' Momma, is going to monogram my dining room chair covers for me. Pretty soon...they should look like these but with a "G" of course.


The Cosby's said...

You are so right about the "boob" light, just never thought about them that way. People must like the boob look because you see them a lot especially in new houses. Made me laugh out loud!

{Amanda} said...


You're not going to believe me on this, but I love 100% of your favorite things...and actually have 3 of them {the exact ones!}

We must have great minds...and exceptional taste =)

1) The "pierced urn" I have is a Two's Company pierced porcelain lantern {exact one in your picture} I got it in DC at a boutique almost 2 yrs ago & it's on my planter's buffet in the LR. Try searching for it on either Google shopping or bc I've definitely seen the white ones at discount shops.

2) I'm wayyyy super excited you have the artichoke bowl's a fun random piece =)

3) And speaking of artichokes, I also have that same artichoke sculpture on my desk from HomeGoods!

I've missed your Favorite Things- keep 'em coming!

McKinney Madness said...

The "boob" light... SO FUNNY! You got that term off "Sarah's House," didn't you? I LOVE that show by the way... thanks for showing it to me!

Supabloggasuprememama said...

I would love to learn how to reupholster!!! love your selections.