Friday, January 1, 2010

Resolutions for a Happier Life

Can I do it? The jury is still out, but if I tell myself I can...then maybe, just MAYBE...

1) Get healthy. Another year of promises...hopefully not so empty this time around. My mom gave me an elliptical (Thank you, Mom!). It is upstairs in my very own house. I don't even have to brush my teeth to get to it. No excuse can keep me from working out this time around. None. Except laziness. Let's say 30 minutes a day 4-5 days a week. To start.
OBJECTIVE: to get healthy, weight loss will be a bonus.

2) Home Projects.
A) Paint - A room. Any room. I have several on my list, but I am scared of color. Maybe doing one room will take the edge off?
B) Window Treatments - Dining Room, Master Bedroom, Master Bath and Living Room.
C) Hang Family Photos - Hopefully along the staircase.
D) Furniture - Bedroom, Buffet, Chairs for LR and bookcases for our ever growing collection of books and DVD's.
E) Rugs - Living Room and Dining Room.

3) Daily Quiet Time. I fantasize about being the type of person that gets up early in the morning, puts on a fresh pot of coffee, runs 30 minutes on the elliptical, showers, makes her bed and reads her daily devotional all before the rooster crows. But as my poor husband can attest, I am by no means a morning person. By NO means. So if I can just accomplish these things before the days is over I will consider myself on the ball!
MAIN OBJECTIVE: Daily Quiet Time. In the Word and in Prayer.

4) Love. Isn't this what Jesus is asking us to do? I love Him. I really do. But do I love Him enough to love His people? Not the people that are easy to love; i.e. my husband, family and friends. All people. This includes bad drivers, inconsiderate individuals, arrogant folks and even loud eaters...everyone. This is a life long journey. But I plan to be extra aware of this calling this year.


The Penter Family said...

I like number 4. I really need to work on that too... But I don't think you will ever be able to love me if I'm eating a bowl of fruit loops in the same room as you... sorry!

Maegan said...

I didn't make any resolutions to avoid the guilt of not keeping them...But, I admire you for yours!

As far as #2 goes, don't be afraid of color! I LOVE a colorful house! We've got a blue room, a mustard yellow room, and a red and brown room. Color makes me happy!

Good luck on the elliptical!

Supabloggasuprememama said...

I'm with you on number 3!

{Amanda} said...

Very cool list! Agree with Martina...#4 is a challenge, but definitely a good one =)

I LOVE YOU said...