Thursday, April 21, 2011

My Favorite Things

1. Sara Evans CD. I LOVE her. So excited about her new CD. Did you see her get a standing ovation at the CMA's a couple of weeks ago? Way to go, Mrs. Jay Barker.

2. Traffic Light. This show is so funny. If you don't agree - you are a Bonebag. That's an inside joke from the show. Wanna know why it is so funny? Watch the show.

3. Dyron's Low Country. My new favorite restaurant. They have the most amazing Shrimp & Grits and Bananas Foster Creme Brulee. It is in Crestline Village by La Paz if you want to check it out.

4. Ann Taylor's 40% off EVERYTHING Sale. That one pretty much explains itself.

5. Janie & Jack - 3 Parts:

      A) Baby Elephant Collection. It finally went on sale so I was able to buy these 2 pieces:

       B) Sailboat Collection. Not on sale yet but I am patiently waiting.

       C) Their Forever Exhange Policy. Keep your receipt and your time to return it never expires. That means I can buy something on clearance in a 4T and in 3 years when Asher can wear it I can change my mind and take it back.

6. Magazines. Not many things makes me quite as happy as a glossy new magazine. I love the photos and recipes. I have let all but one subscription expire pretending to sacrifice for our budget. But the truth is I end up buying them anyway. Which costs more. Unless you buy them at Sam's! Thank you Sam's for selling me my favorite magazines at a fraction of the cost!

7. Favorite Movie Night. We started a new tradition a few weeks ago. Ben and I both love movies. And movie theaters happen to be one of the few places we can't really take Asher. So on Friday nights we take turns picking movies from our way too big DVD collection and watch it from the comforts of our own living room. We choose one of our favorite movies that the other has not ever seen before. For Ben's night he chose Star Wars Episode IV. My first selection was The Phantom of the Opera. Neither of us were very crazy about the other one's movie but at least Ben stayed awake for all of Phantom. Sorry, honey! To be fair, I have fallen asleep in Broadway shows before. And to be even more fair, I didn't like Star Wars AT ALL.

8. John Freida's Root Awakening. This stuff keeps my hair smooth and smells soooooo wonderful. It costs about $6 a bottle which is high for me. So I tried another cheaper shampoo last time and regretted it. It's worth the price.

9. Reese Witherspoon. I LOVE LOVE LOVE her. And am so excited about this little flick coming out THIS weekend!

10. Funfetti Cake. Thanks for sharing your birthday cake, Lanie!!!

Have a blessed Easter weekend!


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Love funfetti cake!

I'm excited about #9 too!