Wednesday, April 29, 2009

We Have Cabinets!

We stopped by the house last night to see how the cabinets were coming along. I was pleasantly surprised with the outcome. I had originally planned on having the cabinets reglazed in a creamy white with a coffee glaze. But after seeing them up, I kinda like them the way they are. They still have some moldings to add to the top of the cabinets, but you get the idea... The counter top will be our only project for the kitchen now! Granite and formica were our only options with this builder. And while granite is great, I really want quartz (Silestone, to be exact) for it's non-porous surface. (I am an admitted germaphobe.) So we opted for the formica counters with the intentions of replacing them once we move in.

Bathroom cabinets are in too!

Ofcourse, if we have cabinets that means the drywayll is up too. They were working on the crown molding when we were there.
Our closing date is set for ONE MONTH from today! We can't wait!!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Moving right along...

Our house is coming along much faster than we planned. We were originally given an estimated time of completion of mid-July. After finishing the frame walk yesterday, they informed us that our close date is set for May 29. That is in 5 weeks! We were thinking we had 3 months to go! Don't misunderstand, I am ready to start making this house my home...but we were shocked to hear that news. However, with all the delays we have had in the past month, I will be very surprised if they are able to pull that off.

This photo was taken about a week after they poured the foundation. It is amazing to see how quickly things move along!

This is what the house looked like a couple of weeks ago. Not much has changed on the outside, but the inside is being sheet rocked and is really starting to take shape.

I can't wait to see the progress that happens over the next few weeks - drywall, floors, shutters, landscaping. Then the real funs begins - decorating!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Accessorizing a room is probably my favorite part of decorating. There is a fine line between clutter and character, however. Here are some inspirations....

Thursday, April 16, 2009


Thanks to Blake for sharing this...

If you have a spare 5 minutes, watch this. You will not be disappointed!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

My Favorite Things

  1. Fruit Salsa. I got this from my sister-in-law and it is so easy and good!
  2. Tip Top Grill. An old gas station converted into a killer hot dog and burger joint. It has a large amount of patio seating and over looks the Shannon valley. It has great burgers at a great price and is located minutes from my office!
  3. Swiffer Wet Jet. Who wants to drag out a bucket every time they need to do a quick mop?

  4. Fuze Strawberry Guava. It is supposed to "refresh" you. I don't know about all that, but it sure does taste good!
  5. Hot Tamales. My hubby got me some of these when we went to the movies Friday night and I ate on then all weekend. I am not a big candy person, but these get me every time.
  6. Coach Addison Business tote. I am drooling over this bag. But $700 is just a tad out of my purse budget. Don't worry. I found a great site with bags almost as cute with a much better price tag...

  7. Great site with even better prices. This may pacify my craving for a new Coach bag.
  8. Ruche. Do you love Anthrolpologie's clothes but not their prices? Check out this site!
  9. Naduea. I have to give mad props to Laura on this place. She asked me if I would like to meet her at a new store in Homewood after work yesterday. Well...duh! Of course I would! I am always up for shopping. But this place exceeded my expectations. You have to see it to believe it. It's located in the old Bellini building. You will kick yourself if you don't make a trip.Hopefully this coffee table will be making a debut to my living room soon.

    Love this for a nursery.

  10. Chili Suizas Bake. A Rachael Ray recipe. It is scrumptious and done in...30 minutes, of course! I altered the recipe a bit, so this is my version. But feel free to check out the Food Network website for the original.