Saturday, March 27, 2010

Here Comes Jamie Pushing a Baby Carriage...

First comes love, second comes marriage, then....

That's right! We are excited to finally share our good news with our blog family! Ben and I are expecting Baby Grizzle in October. The 25th to be exact. I am currently 11 weeks along and have been sick since week 5. Bhleck. It will all be worth it, but I have to admit that I am counting down and crossing my fingers that all this will go away come week 12.

We found out our wee little one was on the way on February 15 (my half birthday). I just knew I was pregnant. Call it mother's intuition? I had taken a test the week before but wasn't far enough along to show up. So, the first day I was "'late" I came home from work and took a test. Actually 3 tests. The first test showed positive. The second took awhile to show up, so I took the third. All 3 ended up being positive. I was so excited! I ran to get my camera to take photos of the evidence and when I got back to the hallway Ben was coming in the front door from work. I was so out of breath, he asked me if I had been running. I shook my head and smiled and he asked with a wishful grin, “Are you pregnant?!”All I could do was was nod and drag lead him to the tests.

He wasn’t convinced with three tests and had me take one more. My husband, the eternal optimist! But it didn't matter - we ended up with FOUR positive tests!! We jumped up and down and hugged each other. We had prayed for this moment!

 The first three tests - taken before Ben got home.

The final test - to prove to Ben he could get excited.

We are so happy to have this blessing and cannot wait till October to meet our little "Peanut", as Ben calls it.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Laura's Baby Shower

A couple of Saturdays ago, some of my closest friends hosted a Baby Shower for Laura at Betty's house. Laura is due to have Baby Girl Blair in just a few short weeks. We can't wait to meet her!


Betty made this banner and I am IN LOVE with it. Isn't she crafty?

Cortney's Super Yummy Chocolate Chip Pound Cake.

Hostesses & Laura

Laura, opening her gift from us.
A basketful of Baby Goodies.

Betty & Madi.

Sweet Baby Madi.

Thanks to Cortney for all the photos!