Friday, September 24, 2010

Stocking Up

Thanks to friends, family and gift cards we are ready for our little man's arrival. This week we have made some pretty big purchases. Our house looks like Buy Buy Baby threw up on it, but it so much fun getting things set up!

Ben's work gave us a gift card that allowed us to purchase:
Ben's Mom bought this (among other things) for us while she was here last weekend:
We are still in the market for one like this:
Betty is letting us borrow this:

And because everyone has been so generous, we were able to purchase this:

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Happy Reading

Got some good books to pass along...just in case any one is looking.

Home Cooking with Trisha Yearwood
This book has lots of yummy Southern recipes. Most of this is probably already in your repertoire, but it is a good handbook of recipes that every Southern wife should have on hand.

The Secret Life of Bees
 This book is pretty good. I picked it up in an airport a couple of weeks ago and still haven't finished. Which is a sign that I don't LOVE it. Otherwise, it would have been finished on the plane. But I did just find out that it was made into a movie. So I am anxious to finish it and watch the film.

Baby Wise
As many of you probably already know, the second you start to show that you are having a baby people come out of the woodwork with comments and advice on anything and everything they can think of in relation to your body, belly and/or baby. I take most of this with a grain of salt (and make mental notes not to ever do that to another pregnant woman), but I cannot tell you how many people have told Ben and I that we MUST read Baby Wise. People with extremely well behaved children and happy marriages. So, I bought it. And I must say that only two chapters in, I feel like this book will be my parenting Bible. Although, Ben and I have spent lots of time talking about how our marriage will remain our priority after Asher is here, discussed the ways in which we plan to discipline our children and pray about how we will raise them to be Christ-like, I didn't really consider adopting a "parenting style" let alone realize that we pretty much already had one. After reading the basics of this book I see that it lines up with the ideas we had already discussed and gives lots of good tips for staying on a track we had already chosen. I understand that everyone has their own opinion about parenting their children (as they should), but if your family thrives on order, schedules and a strong marriage and family - I would highly suggest reading this book. If you are more of a go-with-the-flow kind of family - this might seem a little Nazi'ish to you. Consider yourself warned.

Ape House
And my husband ordered this from the library for me because he knows how much I loved "Water for Elephants" and because he is just thoughtful like that. It is written by the same author as WFE (which is being made into a movie as we speak!). I will hopefully be starting it soon. Not sure how much "reading" time I will have in a few weeks with the arrival of my sweet baby boy!!!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Starting the Weekend Off Right

Last night, Ben's mom and aunts came to town to spend the weekend pampering us. They took us out to eat and then we went to Buy Buy Baby to buy our stroller (thank you, Ben's work). Afterwards, we came back to our house to open baby presents and concoct a plan for finishing the nursery. They are going to help me hang shelves and drapes. It will be nice to finally be able to say that Asher's room is ready for his arrival.

Today, they are taking me shopping and out to eat and THEN....for a day at the Spa! Ahhhhhh....I am so looking forward to this. Apparently, there is a massage designed specifically for pregnant women. I can't wait to report on its effectiveness!

I hope you all have a blessed weekend! I know I will!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Self Esteem Booster

Last night at dinner a lady stopped me on our way to our table to ask how far along I am. Before I could answer, she guessed - 38 weeks.

"Sorry, I'm only 34.", I replied.

To which her mouth dropped and she asked me if this was our first child.


"Oh! That must be why you are so swollen!"

Seriously? Is that supposed to make me feel good??

If I am still pregnant at Halloween - I think I know what I will go as...

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

CORE Group Baby Shower

This past Saturday, September 11 my favorite group of people in Birmingham - my Young Married friends from church had a Baby Shower for us. It was hosted by Laura Davis (at her home), Bethany Faucett, Cortney McKinney, Martina Penter, Amanda Smith, Reagan Turner and Rachel Woodwad. And it was fabulous. Beautifully decorated, delicious food and wonderful company! It was so great to not only have so many of my friends but their little ones (and little ones on the way) there as well. I love that we are multiplying like crazy with all of these sweet babies!

Thanks, girls! I felt so special and LOVE all of my sweet and thoughtful gifts. Asher is going to be one lucky little guy to be a part of this group.

Banner by Betty. She is working on an Etsy site now...I'll be posting her information as soon as she is up and running. Everyone needs a banner like this!

Betty also made this precious door hanging!

Betty, Me and Laura.

The Price is Right. We played this at my shower in Ohio and it was such a hit we decided to bring it to Bama!

Martina was our Bob Barker for the day.

My Hostess Gift. The sweetest Moses basket filled with LOTS of goodies!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Special Day

Today I am...
Remembering 9/11

Celebrating 9 years as a new creation in Christ,
Wishing Bear Bryant a happy birthday,

 Enjoying Monster Saturday in college football and watching GameDay, Bowden and Joe Pa in T-town,

and super pumped about my baby shower!!!!

It's a good day!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Thank You, Gift Card Shower!

We are beginning to make a dent in our gift cards. Still have plenty left to spend and buy...but we had fun getting some of Asher's necessities this weekend.

Of course, we got the Elephant Bath Wrap with his name on the back.

We chose the blue trash can.

We also purchased Asher's Halloween costume last night. It is super secret...but will be so awesome! Now, I just have to make sure he is here before Halloween!!!!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Showered with Love

The past 2 weekends have been so wonderful. On August 22, I had my "church shower" at Homewood Church. The church were I have have attended and worked for the past 7 years. Where Ben and I met and married. Where my Birmingham support system is based. It was a very special day for me. It was attended by so many people and we received an ENORMOUS amount of gifts for our first born son. Asher is so blessed to be born into such a loving church family. I can't wait for him to get here and meet these wonderful people!

The weekend of the 28th, I flew to Ohio for a Gift Card Baby Shower. Since I would be flying home, I knew I wouldn't be able to travel with a lot of gifts. So this was the best option. And it was GREAT! We felt like we won the lottery. Everyone was so generous and we ended up with more money and cards than we would have ever imagined.

On top of that, I got to see my friends and family that haven't seen me pregnant yet. I was spoiled all weekend long. My sweet sister wouldn't let me step off the curb without holding my elbow and she even tried to carry my purse for me. She is going to be a wonderful aunt!

I got to spend a lot of time with my family and even had a slumber party with my mom and sister. My aunt joined us for shopping and lunch the next day. It was sooooo much fun. I had a great time seeing everyone and besides missing my husband (it was our first time apart since we got married.) I didn't want to leave!


Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Update - Nursery Bedding

Nursery Progress

While I spent a long weekend in Ohio with my family, Ben worked on the nursery. He took down the old guest bedroom furniture and put together the crib. He sent me this picture Saturday night and I started bawling. Yep, I'm a pregnant ball of emotions. But isn't it cute? This is my baby's bedroom!

We put the bedding on the bed last night and I love it! Pictures of that coming soon.