Thursday, September 23, 2010

Happy Reading

Got some good books to pass along...just in case any one is looking.

Home Cooking with Trisha Yearwood
This book has lots of yummy Southern recipes. Most of this is probably already in your repertoire, but it is a good handbook of recipes that every Southern wife should have on hand.

The Secret Life of Bees
 This book is pretty good. I picked it up in an airport a couple of weeks ago and still haven't finished. Which is a sign that I don't LOVE it. Otherwise, it would have been finished on the plane. But I did just find out that it was made into a movie. So I am anxious to finish it and watch the film.

Baby Wise
As many of you probably already know, the second you start to show that you are having a baby people come out of the woodwork with comments and advice on anything and everything they can think of in relation to your body, belly and/or baby. I take most of this with a grain of salt (and make mental notes not to ever do that to another pregnant woman), but I cannot tell you how many people have told Ben and I that we MUST read Baby Wise. People with extremely well behaved children and happy marriages. So, I bought it. And I must say that only two chapters in, I feel like this book will be my parenting Bible. Although, Ben and I have spent lots of time talking about how our marriage will remain our priority after Asher is here, discussed the ways in which we plan to discipline our children and pray about how we will raise them to be Christ-like, I didn't really consider adopting a "parenting style" let alone realize that we pretty much already had one. After reading the basics of this book I see that it lines up with the ideas we had already discussed and gives lots of good tips for staying on a track we had already chosen. I understand that everyone has their own opinion about parenting their children (as they should), but if your family thrives on order, schedules and a strong marriage and family - I would highly suggest reading this book. If you are more of a go-with-the-flow kind of family - this might seem a little Nazi'ish to you. Consider yourself warned.

Ape House
And my husband ordered this from the library for me because he knows how much I loved "Water for Elephants" and because he is just thoughtful like that. It is written by the same author as WFE (which is being made into a movie as we speak!). I will hopefully be starting it soon. Not sure how much "reading" time I will have in a few weeks with the arrival of my sweet baby boy!!!


The Penter Family said...

Baby Wise is a pretty good guide... just don't be upset with yourself if you can't do it exactly like it says in the book. Allow yourself a little leniency to tweak it to your own style of mothering...

We are BLESSED. said...

I agree with Martina! I LOVE that book! If for nothing else it gives you great insight on the different parenting styles, like you said.
Neither of my babies really followed the strict baby wise schedules (the eat-sleep-wake thing); they kind of made their own schedules which worked better for us anyway. But the best thing I took from it was to put your child to bed AWAKE and let them learn to fall asleep on their own! If you start this really early on (like when they are newborns) they will learn it easily and then it won't be such a battle at 4,5,6 months old and you may not ever have to do the cry-it-out method. You are teaching them to LOVE, LOVE, LOVE their sleep and it's a great thing!

I have been wanting to read Water for Elephants for a long time. Guess I need to get on it now that she's written another one already!