Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Kitchen Table Redo

My photo documentation of this project leaves something to be desired but it was fun to do and very rewarding!

When my mom said she was remodeling her kitchen and dining room and asked if I would like to have either one of her tables it was a no brainer for me...YES, PLEASE! I will take the oak table! This is the table I grew up eating at as a kid. The table from my parent's kitchen. The table where I practiced my spelling words. The table where my birthday cakes sat waiting to have the candles blown out. The table where, on occasion, my parents told me I was grounded...or that they were proud of me (depending on the day and the situation). Lots of good memories ingrained in this piece of furniture. Consequently, it worked out quite well as my sister preferred the wrought iron table. Both sisters happy = a happy momma too!

So a trip was planned for my family and the table to come down for the Fourth of July. We had lots of plans to do work on my new house so my mom (like only my mom can) packed her car full of everything we needed/wanted for the weekend. Somehow she was able to fit 3 adults and their luggage, a saw, a drill, a sander, an air mattress and this table in her little Volvo. Way to go, Mom!

My mother had painted the table black. And while I love black tables (I have a dining room table in that color if you doubt me), I felt white would fit my kitchen a little better. So the project began...

This is part of the top before the sanding began:It's starting to come off:
Work it, Momma!

My mother and I got it down to this and thought we had done a pretty good job. When we returned from a trip to Lowe's my dad had put his handiwork on it as well.

Great job, Daddy-o! Such a great job that I agonized over painting over the beautiful wood!

Obviously I got over my agony because the table is now completely white and I LOVE it. I can't wait for MY kids to eat at this table!

P.S. Coming soon...chairs!


-- Lee + Laura -- said...

I love it! Can't wait to see the finished product!

Rachel said...

That looks great!! I want a round kitchen table too! :) Fabulous!

The Penter Family said...

Great Job! That looks like a ton of work! I'm proud of y'all. Next time I need a table sanded or a battery changed in my car, I'm calling you and Ben to come over!

McKinney Madness said...

The table looks great! It's amazing how a color change can make someting old look brand new. I can't wait to see what you do with the chairs!

Jeanna said...

Love the table. I am new to DIY projects and my husband and I are currently looking for a new kitchen table. What exactly did you use to paint it??? Like I said I am new so this is probably a pretty dumb question. Looks beautiful and love the chairs that are in the pictures.