Monday, January 21, 2008

An Old Friend Comes to Town

As most of you know, Alabama is known more for tornado warnings and hurricane seasons than it is for a forecast of winter weather. In fact, the city of Birmingham isn't even equipped to host good ol' Jack Frost when he comes to town. No snow plows. No salt trucks. We don't have snow tires on our cars or snow boots in our closets. I mean when Jack only comes to visit once every 15 years or so why would we? But when rumors start to swirl that Mr. Frost is about to make at trip down South...excitement fills the air! Milk and bread disappear from grocery store shelves. Churches and schools cancel all their events just in case and everyone waits with fingers crossed to see the first flake fall.

All last week rumors of snow had been floating around the greater Birmingham area. Not just some flakes in the air - but actual accumulation! Being from the Midwest I am proficient in snow etiquette. I was prepared for this kind of weather. I was not however prepared for the commotion that was to come...

Saturday morning, around 8 AM, snow came to my town. It was glorious...just as I remembered it. Not a blizzard mind you, but a steady fall of flakes that sprinkled our rooftops, car windows and lawns. Now in the Midwest we would call this kind of snow a mere dusting, but in Alabama the world stopped moving. Local TV stations did non-stop coverage on the "Winter Storm". Shivering reporters scattered all over the area to interview folks on this miraculous event. Parents helped their children make snowmen the size of baby dolls and grown men made snow angels on the ground. It was a sight to behold!

Because I knew only pictures would do it justice I made sure to capture some images of the "Snowstorm of 2008". I am not sure how Alabama survived...

By lunch time "Little Jack Frost Got Lost" and he took his snow with him. In a matter of 5 hours the "blizzard" had come and gone. But, snow had finally come to Alabama. And while it didn't hang around for was nice to visit with an old friend!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Keep on Keeping on...

I love how my last post was all about me being inspired to write more and I haven't posted a blog since. Well, I will say that I have been giving some effort to conquering my resolutions. I am journaling (at home), doing pilates, and reading my Bible. I have also cut way back on coke. I am still in phase 1 of that plan, which means only 1 coke a day, but I think I am well on my way to only having one when we go out to eat. People keep telling me that eventually - if I cut it out long enough - I won't even like the taste of it , but honestly? I mean I can hold my breath for a long time too, but I still like to breathe! haha

Things are good on the homefront. Ben is burning the candle at both ends with work and school. He's usually at work by 7:00 every morning and doesn't get home from classes until after 10:00 that night. I miss him, but I am proud of him. I couldn't do it. And trust me, I would rather be at home missing him while he is class than in class!

Stayed home from work today. Feeling puny. I think most of it can be credited to no sleep because of my stupid carpel tunnel. I have had it for years but it has gotten the best of me this winter. Looks like it is time to have some kind of surgery. It is especially bad at nights. Last night I tried sleeping in my bed, the guest bed, and the couch - none of which were successful. This morning, after Ben got in the shower, I gave our bed another chance and it worked. I didn't wake up until 11:00! For those of you who know me...11:00 is super late for me. I am usually up with the sun. But I'm not complaining - I was glad to finally catch some zzz's.

It has been nasty outside all day today. They even canceled Wednesday Night Classes at church due to impending bad weather. So it was a nice day to stay home,rest and watch lots and lots of cooking shows...actually any kind of day is good for that, if you ask me!

Well, after watching all those cooking shows, I am inspired to have Ben pick up Chinese take out on his way home...I'm off to decide what I'll order...have a great evening!