Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day was great this year. Last year we bought a house so Ben had big shoes to fill. But as always, he was up to the challenge.

Friday we got a beautiful snow that set the mood for the rest of the weekend.

From the church door.
We got to leave early because of the "Winter Storm".

 The drive home.




Marley wasn't a fan of the snow.

We exchanged gifts on Friday and went out for an early dinner to beat the crowds. He gave me a new sweater, a pot (I actually asked for it) and the Ballard's willow trays I was crossing my fingers for. He took me out to eat (twice) and gave me beautiful tulips (one of my faves) on the actual day. Not too shabby!


I gave him some candy, an Alabama tag for his new car, some slippers because he is always complaining his feet are cold and an iTunes gift card.

I love you, honey! Thanks for always making me feel special.


McKinney Madness said...

Sounds like you guys did it up right! So glad you had an awesome weekend!

{Amanda} said...

Awwww, Ben did good for VDay {and so did you}. Your house had a pretty was a little spotty here but I blame it on the trees.