Thursday, August 20, 2009

Secret Projects Revealed

A looong time ago I posted a Teaser post about some projects we were working on. Thanks to my wonderful hubby we finally finished...

I started on this piece and lost momentum when I couldn't get the paint to smooth out. But have no worries, Ben is here! He came to my rescue and finished it up beautifully!


I tried spraying them as this had turned out very well for a friend of ours.
But I never managed to get them quite the way I wanted them. So Ben decided to roll them with "real" paint and it seemed to work a little better. We added new hardware and it gave the piece a fresh new look!

I have had these done and hung for awhile, just kept forgetting to post them. Go here for tips on how to make them yourself. They are a drop cloth from Lowe's hemmed up with some fuse tape! Simple. Cheap.

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The Cosby's said...

Drop cloths?! You never seem to amaze me with your creativity. Looks great!