Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Little by Little

We are making baby steps towards getting our house decorated and turned into a home. Here are some pics of the progress we have made thus far.

Mirror over the buffet in the dining room. Okay, so the buffet is yet to be purchased, but the mirror is saving it's place till it gets here.

I have had this piece for years. I still love it and keep finding new places for it. I think this will be it's 7th home.

Above the "throne" in the half bath downstairs.

The guest bath.
Don't our towels match our curtain beautifully? That was a total accident. We bought the curtain and then received the towels from some friends at church as a wedding gift. They had no idea about the curtain but still managed to match it perfectly! (Thanks Milligans!)

Betty saw these baskets and new they were exactly what I was looking for to go upstairs in my guest bath and office. Does she know me well or what?

Clock in the hallway.

My mom got me these prints for my birthday (actually she sent me money so she knows nothing about these unless she is reading this right now...Mom, is that you? Thank you!) They are the perfect addition to the hallway.

The Guest Bedroom is nearing completion. Which I guess is a good thing since we have already used it twice. Check back tomorrow for a fun little diddy about the white armoire you see below.
The Breakfast nook is coming together....still need some window treatments. But I love my old table and new chairs.
We also added shades to the chandelier. We adorned the one in the dining room with the same shades. I forgot to take a picture but imagine it to look EXACTLY like this one, only in the dining's not too difficult if you try really hard. (I sure hope my sarcasm comes through in my typing as about 85% of what I say is typed with a sacrastic tone.)
Feel free to come on over and get the real tour anytime. I know you are dying too! (This is another one of those sarcastic things I was talking about earlier. :)


{Amanda} said...

okay Mrs Facetious =) can't wait to see it in person...those shades look really cool and I still LUV LUV LUV those prints/frams in your downstair's bath.

you nest beautifully my dear!

McKinney Madness said...

Everything looks so great! I think you've given me the inspiration I need to do a few home makeovers of my own!!

Bruce said...

it all looks just perfect.but what else would I expect. Love ya,Dad