Monday, August 3, 2009

Shopping Spree at Ikea

My parents don't even know it yet, but Saturday they funded a trip for 2 to ATL and IKEA.

When they came to visit us a month ago, they not only brought goodies and some mad home improvement skills with them, they also left us with a nice little wad of cash.

We had been holding onto it to make sure we didn't just blow it. But since we felt like we had acquired the necessities of home ownership, i.e. a lawn mower, grill, tools, yard tools, etc. We decided to get to work on our office. This was a room I had originally placed at the bottom of my priority list when I dreamt of decorating our new abode. But after moving in we quickly realized how much we actually use this room. I am constantly needing more storage and work space for The Paper Nest and with Ben starting back to school again in a couple of weeks he is going to need a place to study.

So...Friday night we decided we would get up early Saturday morning, head to IKEA, pick up a few things and head back home. It took us 12 hours to accomplish everything, but we sure did cash in! Thanks, Mom & Dad! Because of y'all we were able to get all of this...and still had a little left over!

We got 4 of these:

One of these:

One of these:
A pair of these:
And a pair of these:
Shelves to hold them...
A pair of these:
(to go above the desk)
2 packs of 4 of these:
6 of these:
2 of these:
3 of these:
2 of these:
One of these:
(It is meant to hang above the desk and under the shelves with the pots below.)
These little pots will hang from the bar above and be used to house pens, scissors, etc.
Two of these:

One of these:The basket is a really good size. I will probably use it to hold quilts or magazines? But Saturday, it held all of our accessories for us and saved us from having to purchase another Ikea Blue Bag to carry all our little stuff home with us.Most importantly, we purchased a desk. I couldn't find a picture of the exact one we got since it is a series of options put together to meet our needs. It is similar to this, but in white:
I literally prayed as we were walking to the car that everything would fit. Thank God for answered prayers. I don't think we could have fit one more thing in there!
We have plans to add some bookcases, window treatments and a reading chair by the bookcases.IKEA's planning program sure was useful!
We have been working since we got back Saturday night to get everything put together. I will keep you posted as things start to take shape.


paulandsarah said...

Looks great Jamie! cant wait to see when its all together. Ikea is great!

McKinney Madness said...

HOLY FREAKIN BOLOGNA!!! I'd say you bought the store out! I think I'm a little jealous. When can we see the final product??