Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My Favorite Things

1. Grooveshark. Now that Pandora has started charging for their services, I have been forced to look elsewhere for my office background music. I would like to thank Pandora for asking me to dig into my wallet in order to continue listening to their melodies, otherwise I never would have found Grooveshark. I like it better because I can make my own playlists. I have been working on the perfect 8 hour playlist and am only a fourth of the way there but am enjoying every song I CHOOSE. Something Pandora was not offering me.

2. Design Inc. My new favorite interior design show. It comes on Fine Living Network (not sure of the times since my DVR catches them all for me). They tend to decorate in light and fresh colors, which I love.

3. Publix Cola. What can I say? It was on sale, so I tried it. You can't go wrong with a soft drink that only costs 50 cents for 2 liters! I think the regular price is a whopping buck. It is more comparable to Pepsi than Coke (which is perfectly fine with me) and worth every penny - all 50 of them!

4. Magazines. I love magazine. All kinds. Love. Them. My favorites are Southern Living, Better Home & Garden, Real Simple, People Style Watch and Martha Stewart (especially the holiday editions). But if I am being honest, I will read just about any magazine I can get my mitts on.

5. Brew Station Coffee Pot. I love that there is not a coffee pot to clean and therefore takes up less room on the counter.

6. Glade Clean Linen scented tea lights. At CORE Group a couple of weeks ago Laura's house smelled great! The culprit? These little guys. They have a nice sublte clean scent.

7. Sunburst mirror. Consider this my cry for help. I am addicted to these things. I have bought 2 in the past couple of weeks. I am considering doing a wall of them in my bedroom just so I will have an excuse to keep buying them!

8. Wall Stencil/Wall Paper. So I really want to paper a few rooms in my house. Ben thinks I am crazy. Even Candice Olsen cannot convince him that wall paper is back. I would love to do a feature wall in my dining room, the entire hall bath downstairs and maybe even my laundry room. Ben's main concern is the removal process (and if I am being honest, that is a real concern of mine as well). As a compromise I have started looking for the perfect stencil that will create that subtle wall paper look I am after without the hassle of papering.

In my search, I found this tree wall sticker. I am thinking it would great climbing up the wall behind my stairs with picture frames in the limbs. An instant family tree!
9. Sun shining through grove a of trees. I love to see this and am so blessed that my drive to work includes this scene quite frequently. It makes me happy every time I see it...and let's be honest, making me happy at 7:30 in the morning is no easy task!
10. I happened upon a catalog for this store at Steve & Anna's house last time we were visiting and loved it. However, I returned to the Ham and forgot all about it until Supablogga reminded me of it a recent post of hers. The prices are quite high...but I just love the simple and fun styles. They have great finds for the whole family!


The Penter Family said...

Camron LOVES that Publix root beer. He says it is better than any other brand!

Wall paper is big a lot in of expensive homes (or so says my mom). I think there is a lot more wall paper in homes over a certain price range. I used to think wall paper was so 90's until I saw some of these houses my dad was building. Tori Spelling wall papered in that new house she just bought too!

Brook and Meredith said...

Hey girl! My last 2 blogs were specifically for you and Ben (and me and Blake, and all wives like us with hubbys like ours). Run go check it out:

Decorquips said...

Wonderful finds here! Also, I made an interesting discovery. Here’s an excerpt from an article I wrote about it this month…


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Bring out the Y-O-U!

Make a statement and let your personality shine through! Add your zing to make it pop. Hang something personal on the wall with a few well-chosen accents óbold and beautiful. The trend for decor is becoming more and more personalized.

Whatever you want to say while decorating, say it with your own individual style. Put it out there for the world to see and donít look back. Express yourself! When people enter your home theyíll shoot you a complementary smile, knowing it looks and feels sooooo perfectly like you. And no one can do YOU better.

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