Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Addendum - JCP vs PB

Found the photo I was talking about....this same photo was found on jcp.com as well as potterybarn.com.
I also found this comparison...which one do you think is from Pottery Barn?

Top picture is from JCP and bottom is from PB. I would have thought the opposite, no?

And doesn't this look like something straight out of the Fall 2009 Pottery Barn catalog? It has that same transitional, Napa Valley feel that PB is famous for. But if you thought that, you would be wrong. This is JCP's "Linden Street" collection. It is the same sectional that was featured yesterday.

Another example of the Linden Street collection:
(By the way, I am in love with the soft colors in this photo. The blues and taupes are exactly what I am trying for in my house. The pops of orange may not show up so well in this photo, but I think they give it just the punch of color that it needs)

Doesn't it compare to this little number from PB?


{Amanda} said...

Again...craziness! You have a great eye though. Want to help me find good deals for my office redo? =)

So I definitely think I like the JCP photo more. I wonder if either a ex-PB buyer or ex-PB designer now works for JCP.

{random side note, when you saw the really cool Banana Republic handbags come out circa 2005, it was because a major ex-Coach designer went to work for them...interesting fact}

McKinney Madness said...

And to think: I always thought that JCP was an old woman store. You have completely restored my hope in Penny's!