Tuesday, July 8, 2008

New Office

I got a new office at work! I am so excited. This office was previously unused so I had free reign with decorating it. It is a much larger space than I was used to but I do miss working across from Martina!

View from door with Ugly Blue Wall


Old File Cabinets
New File Cabinets, desk and painting.

Old Bookcases

New Bookcases
Two of my favorite things in my office include:
My new painting. It is a of a tree-lined road that, as all of my loyal readers know, is one of "My Favorite Things".
I am also in love with these paisley curtains.
It took a few weeks to get everything just the way I wanted it, but since I spend the majority of my days in this space it was worth it to make it feel warm and comfortable!


Expecting Mother said...
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Shaun & Ashley said...

Love the new office space! You definitely spiffed (sp?) that place up. It looks great!

Camron & Martina (Plus One) said...

It looks better than your old office, but not really worth it considering I'm not in the new office with you!

{Amanda} said...

ohhhh chickie! come do mine =)
love those paisley curtains and the board layout looks great!!!

Jessa Mullen said...

It looks great.... You have done so much since I saw it just a couple of weeks ago... You Martha Stewart you...

Bobby and Sylvia said...

It looks great! I love, love, love the large board behind your desk. Where did you find cork board that large? I would like something like that in my classroom. Really cute!