Thursday, May 29, 2008

New Hair for the Summer

I went to my favorite hair girl last night (Lori Champion at Studio 21). While I was sitting in her chair, getting enough foils in my head to make me magnetic, I decided to chop off my hair. It just hit me and decided to go with it. The beauty of having a stylist you love and trust is that you can say, "I think I want to chop my hair off. What do you think?" She knows my hair, knows what I like and most importantly knows what she is doing. So I take her answer to heart! I told her what I was thinking (in my not-so-descriptive tongue) and she translated it into a great new summertime cut! It is just above my shoulders, slightly tapered, with slanted bangs. It is my round faced, longer version of the Katie Holmes cut.

I could never pull of hair that short (my face is shaped like a pumpkin) but I always pine for it. My new cut is just short enough to satisfy my craving for pixie-length hair with out making me look like a jack o'lantern! Thanks Lori!

Picture coming soon...

P.S. We are heading to Gainesville, AL for our annual Young Marrieds Retreat this weekend. The beauty of this trip is that it is out in the middle of no where, with barely any cell phone reception and zero internet service. It does offer four wheelers, horses, a big screen TV with satellite (and movie channels to boot), a pool table and all our favorite friends to keep us entertained! We are really looking forward to getting away with our CORE Group and will post lots of fun photos when we get back!

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Jessa Mullen said...

I can't wait to see your haircut... I am not brave enough to cut my off, maybe once we have kids.. For now I will live through you !!