Monday, May 26, 2008

My Favorite Things

1. LONG weekends. I hope you all had a safe and happy Memorial Day!

2. My Exacompta Visual Soho Planner. Every moment of my last 3 years has been planned in this planner. My current planner is red. No matter what the color, they are the best! Looking back at old ones, is like looking at a scrap book of my life.
3. My hair girl. Lori Champion, at Studio 21 on 280 is the best colorist in the city. I don't know what I would do without her! After moving to Birmingham, I knew I needed to find a mechanic and find a hair girl. It took me a few shots, but I can now say that I have been blessed with both! Lori has changed salons 4 times since I started with her (5 years ago) and I have followed her to each one. I think I would follow her to Utah if she decided to move there!

4. Bare Minerals Make-Up. I have been using it for almost 2 years now. I had always hated wearing make-up. It just felt gross smearing it all over my face. But Bare Minerals feels like air, I don't even notice that I have it on. My favorite part is the blush, The name says it all...Glee. You can even dip your lip balm in it and use it as lipstick! *On a side note, I tried the Maybeline version to save some pennies. It worked fine, but wasn't nearly as "natural" looking as Bare Minerals.

5. Martha Stewart's Summertime Workshop. Calling all crafters/homemakers/hostesses/creative minds! Sign up now for a summer packed with outdoor cooking and entertaining ideas. Martha's online workshop will guide you week by week to make the most of the summer season! The best grilling techniques for your outdoor parties. An outdoor entertaining plan complete with fresh centerpieces, gorgeous table settings, and personalized party decor. Luscious summer fruit desserts your guests will love.The ultimate BBQ bash just in time for Fourth of July!

6. Viva Papertowels. I prefer the plain white in select-a-size. They are as soft as tissues (they're made by Kleenex) and work great!

7. Maidenhair ferns. They are so delicate and lacy looking. I also love their lush green color. I am thinking of planting several of them in a big white pot and putting it on my dining room table. Although I have a brown thumb, the real challenge will be keeping Marley from destroying it.

8. The Truth Campaign. You know those anti-smoking commercials that target teens? Like the one where the guy is singing on the street about how you don't always die from smoking - sometimes they just cut out your tongue? And they give you all those crazy statistics like, smoking kills over 20 times more people than murder. I think they're brilliant! Great marketing for something actually worth promoting!

9. God's Pottery. God's Pottery is a Christian acoustic duo formed to spread the Word while addressing the issues facing today's Youth and the Spiritual Community at large. Members Jeremiah Smallchild and Gideon Lamb use their unique blend of music, people-skills and Biblical know-how to inspire all who are willing to listen with open hearts. We saw them last night on Last Comic Standing. They actually made it through the NYC finals. Pretty funny stuff. I hope they do well!

10. Eating outside on our new Bistro Set. My favorite time of day is dusk. I find it very relaxing to sit out on the patio and enjoy the early summer evenings. I couldn't decide between rockers or a bistro set. Luckily, I found a bistro set with spring loaded chairs!

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{Amanda} said...

What'd y'all end up doing for the weekend? Atlanta? Birmingham? We need a Nashvegas Getaway this summer...

Ok-on your Fave Things:

4. I love Bare Minerals too! What is this about Glee? Sad- my blush would definitely not work as a lipstick.

5. Of course you've signed up for Martha's Summertime Workshop =) You ARE Martha Stewart!

10. Where'd you get your bistro set? I've been looking for good outdoor seating (saw Overstock had some decent looking things at one point).

PS I only got the Daring Book because it's turquoise & goes with that collection. It's not really as cool of a book as it sounds...