Thursday, May 22, 2008

May I Present to You...

a newcomer to Blogland...Mrs. Maghan Craig! I am also proud to announce that she asked me to design her blog. I hope she enjoys it as much as I will enjoy reading her posts!


Jessa Mullen said...

Once again, you did a great job. It looks so good.. Have you thought anymore of opening a "side business"?? You are just to good not to..Now that I think about it.. A side business for other people, not friends !!
ps.. Help me talk Cort into getting a blog. I have been working on her !!! She needs one to post all her wedding stuff and of course to keep up with us fun people !!

The Grizzles said...

Girl, I have been trying to get Cortney to start a blog for months now. Maybe after all the "wedding stuff" is over, she will have more time. She would be great at it!

Thanks for the sweet comments on Maghan's blog. Didn't Whitney did a good job coming up with the name?!