Tuesday, May 6, 2008

I was tagged by Martina Penter!

Okay, here goes...

Maybe I should... start exercising. I hate doing it, but I am really starting to feel unhealthy. It’s not just about my appearance anymore.

I love the smell of... ginger and lime.

People would say that I... am a little OCD. But I think that is a good thing!

I don’t understand why... children have to suffer.

When I wake up in the morning... I usually stay in bed a little longer than I should.

I lost my will power to... get a tan. I HATE tanning beds.

Life is wonderful with... my husband.

My past made me... a little cynical, but much wiser.

I get annoyed when... people are inconsiderate or selfish.

Parties are not... as fun as they were in college...haha.

Dogs are... okay if they are well behaved and clean.

Cats are… better than dogs. Couldn’t live without one!

Tomorrow I am going to… clean my house before we leave for the beach.

I have a low tolerance for... bad drivers and ignorant people.

I'm totally terrified of... losing someone close to me.

I wonder why I thought my life would be... a fairytale story. Challenges can be hard, but they make you stronger and keep things interesting.

Never in my life...did I think I would live in Alabama.

High school was something that...I didn’t appreciate until it was over.

When I'm nervous...I shake so hard you can hear it in my voice.

Take my advice... marry your best friend, trust in the Lord and be yourself.

Making my bed is… something I only do when we have company.

I'm almost always... in the mood for Mexican food. LOVE IT!

I'm addicted to… the Food Channel. Sometimes I dream of being a chef.

I want someone… to invent a way to eat without gaining weight!


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{Amanda} said...

I know...I have failed you miserably! It's just that- as I am with directions, recipes, and schedules- it is a constant struggle for me to reconcile my urges of rebellion with the idea of a format (ie structured survey).

PS you know I'm full of it; just couldn't think of anyone to tag!