Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Random Pictures

I had been doing so well at taking a daily picture until I went and jinxed myself by blogging about it. Figures. Oh are some recent shots for those of you that like a blog full of photos like I do.

 This was one week ago Sunday - perfect weather, windows open, Asher in a shortall and playing with his choo choo in the window sill. One week later it was freezing and they were calling for snow and sleet.

 My son, the truck driver, with his mullet of curls hanging out the back of his cap.

 Playing in his pink fort.

 Misty's umbrella is always a hit with the office kiddos.

 Came home sick from school with a fever - turned out it was just FOUR teeth. Poor wittle guy.

 We have a book that has Oma & Poppa's picture in it. He points to them and says Oma and Poppa all the time. The other day he pointed to them and signed "please". Of course I sent a video to my parents. Major guilt trip! They are coming next week - HA!

 I bought this chair for $3 at our church yard sale. It needed a screw tightened and a little wood glue. Benny (our building manager) fixed it right up and it is good as new! Now I just need to decide if I want to restain it or paint it.

 Eating his first popsicle. I bet this felt good on his sore gums.

 He has turned his closet into a miniature play room. He loves hanging out in there.
  Trying Davenport's pizza for the first time. This picture might insinuate he liked it, but he did not.

 Coloring with his best friend, Madi.
Enjoying a midmorning snack of pickles with Momma. Pregnancy cliches run deep.
Trying guacamole for the first time. This one was a hit!
 Loving that crazy bed head.
 He fell asleep getting his diaper changed during church. Wish he would go down that easily for me!
 This is his Mickey blanket that he LOVES! He's always burying his face in it and squealing. Thanks, Oma!
 Trying to put his pj's on and he kept evading me. I asked him if he wanted to be naked and he signed "please". I'm a sucker for that sign.
 This kid LOVES to wear a hat! He always asks to look in the mirror after we put it on him and then smiles really big at his reflection. Our little entertainer.


The Faucett's said...

LOVE these pictures! Keep taking them and actually post them!!!

Heather said...

Hi I’m Heather! Please email me when you get a chance! HeatherVonsj(at)gmail(dot)com