Friday, February 3, 2012

My Son - the Fashionista

Project 365. I've actually been trying to do it. Take a photo of Asher every day this year. And starting sometime in July of his baby brother or sister as well. I haven't posted the photos anywhere. They are just on my iPhone. Maybe I will catch up and back date them by week. We'll see. I don't wanna get too far ahead of myself. But I had to share today's photo.

My son wearing two different shoes.

Yep, that's MY son wearing two different shoes to school today. And it was even somewhat on purpose. For some unexplained reason he begged by signing "please" and pointing to the shoe and then to his left foot for me to put his sneaker on. When I asked him if he REALLY wanted me to put his shoe on he nodded emphatically and patted his chest (please in ASL). That sign gets me every time. I must be growing as a momma to let him get away with this fashion faux pas.

He was pretty proud of himself walking in like this this morning. Even though he was a little off kilter since one shoe is flat and the other has a pretty thick sole. Also, that sneaker is too small. The pains we go through for fashion! 

The story goes - Ben picked out his clothes this morning. I vetoed the outfit. Part of the outfit was the pair of sneakers. Obviously, Ben is loving that Asher begged to wear the shoes that he picked out and is probably a little perturbed that I found it acceptable to wear mismatched footwear to school today but not the outfit that he had picked out for him. Oops!

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