Wednesday, May 6, 2009

My Favorite Things

1. Grain sacks and burlap. It is everywhere right now and I am loving it...the color, the texture and the price! Go here to see how to make your own grain sack art.

2. Bunting. I wish we were going to be in the house before Memorial Day so I could don my front porch with these little patriotic beauties:

3. Geese. We have a small pond by our house where many geese families "summer". I love the fact that they mate for life and the way they travel with their little goslings in tow. Precious.

4. Blue Bell Banana Pudding Ice Cream. Two of my favorite desserts combined into one!

5. Pet squirrel. I have a pet squirrel at my office. He lives in the woods outside my window. I leave him treats and he stops by for a daily snack. Sometimes he will get in my window sill to eat his latest yummy find as a way of thanking me for leaving it for him. I keep trying to get his picture when it happens. Maybe one day I will have one to post on here for your viewing pleasure.

6. Cook Yourself Thin. A new show on Lifetime that shows you how to make your favorite meals with less calories but NOT less flavor. I think I may have to get their book:

7. This site will tell you your decorating style for real. Not just a fun quiz - but a true test of your design tastes.

8. DIY Projects. Looking forward to doing some more stuff for the new house. Inspirations found here, here , here and here.

9. Spring Cleaning. What better excuse is there for getting rid of "junk" than packing? My goal is to not bring anything into the new house that we don't use or love.

10. The Parking Lot Game. Availabe for iTouch and iPhone. Super fun and addicting game!

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Brook and Meredith said...

i am so glad your faves are back! love them. i also love me some geese. i saw one someone had hit on the side of the road yesterday. :-( (sorry...that was a glum thing to say).