Thursday, May 28, 2009

Love Thy Neighbor

We got the keys to our new house, loaded up the car with some boxes and headed over to the house for some light unpacking and major celebrating.

Check out the size of these honkin' keys! Here they are beside a set of "normal" size keys.
God has truly blessed us with this house. He has even surrounded our home with awesome neighbors! Last night they helped us unload the car, signed up to help with "the big move" and even offered us dinner as we were unpacking. What a blessing!

We also met several of our other neighbors and they were all so nice too! They all told us that this is a great place to live and that everyone is super friendly. I believe them!

Our first meal in the new house...a Chick-fil-a picnic in the dining room floor.
We got some stuff unpacked in the kitchen and even started setting up the bathroom a little bit...There is a lot more to do...but it is all so much fun!


The Cosby's said...

I am so excited for you and Ben! I know you will have it all decorated in no time.

paulandsarah said...

You remembered the most important part of decorating the bathroom!

The Penter Family said...

This is so exciting! We had our first meal on the floor too... it was pizza!

Amy said...

yay! i can't wait to see more pics of your decorating! next time i'm in town i'll have to come see in person!