Tuesday, May 19, 2009

And the search continues...

I think I have visited every furniture store in a 200 mile radius and still cannot find the perfect couch - right shape, scale, color, fabric and price.

This couch has a lot more square lines than I would have ever thought I would consider, but I do like the color and the price was good... This couch is exactly what I want in shape...but the color is darker than I want. Price was also good on this one as well though.

I found the perfect chairs at Alabama Furniture Market. I loved them so much that I forgot to get a picture of them. I did remember to photograph the fabric I want to have them covered in however:
The chair looks similar to this little number:
I loved this couch. Ben...not so much.

I think this is beautiful and appears to be simply fabric or wallpaper. I am filing this in my DIY folder.

Is it wrong to want to have a baby just so I can buy this nursery decor???

Trying to find a leather "Sunday Afternoon Nap Chair" (as Ben calls it) that doesn't scream "Man cave" and is appropriate for the living room.

My personal fave (please forgive the exceptionally blurry photo).

This chair actually reclines - no ottoman (or the extra space for said ottoman) required.


Anonymous said...

Okay I'm a blog stalker, but I can't help it...I just love the way you decorate!!!! I can not wait until you get your house down, so you can post pictures!! You just have an eye for this kind of stuff and I think it is so neat. I love it when you do your favorite things!!! BTW - the reason for me posting this is because I live in Huntsville and was wondering if you had made your way up this way and went to Story and Lee Furniture?? They have some of the prettiest stuff and over 4,000 square ft. of room to walk around in, so it's a lot!! Just thought I would ask.


Erin said...

Okay, so it's not 4,000 sq ft. it's 4 acres - sorry about that :)

{Amanda} said...

ohhh chickie, love the choices... and your fave leather chair is my fave too =)

you know my opinion on the nursery question! where did you see the nursery furniture? I love the idea of the mirrored dresser in a nursery &luv luv luv that damask print!

oh and couldn't even begin to help you on the sofa search...you know I prefer leather, but that's because I now have a drooling, messy boy and I think we'd demolish an upholstered sofa!

*sigh* I really want to turn my sunroom into an all-white room (clean lines for my home office/sunroom) but it's totally impractical now. definitely go for what you love...esp while you can!

YOU my dear should be an interior decorator!

Rachel said...

I love that you take pics of the things you like!! It looks great!! :)

Supabloggasuprememama said...

how cute. makes me want to go shopping now.

Brook and Meredith said...

hey girlie! okay, here's my votes on the sofa. i like both the first one and the third one. but knowing you, i think you would be happy with the first one. you are all about that white sofa and i am crazy about the lines on the first one too. i don't think you will be happy with the second one long term because it's more traditional. the other two are more versatile. the third one has a vintage flair with that vlveet looking fabric, but then the feet dress it up. it's kinda hard to tell about that one without seeing it in person, but for me for you, my vote is #1. My fave is also your fave on the leather, but I like the first one too. Hope that helps. -b

-- Lee + Laura -- said...

Where did you see all of those sofas? I love them all... I guess #1 is my favorite though!