Monday, May 11, 2009

16 Days and Counting

We stopped by the house Thursday night to take some final measurements before we left town for our furniture excursion in ATL. Things are still moving along quite nicely.

We have sidewalks out front and a driveway in the back.

Another mistake to add to the list - stair spindles should be wrought iron, not wood...

and there should be tile where these workers are laying linoleum.

We do have lights!

and electricity to go with them!

Tonight we stopped by to see if they had fixed any of the mistakes from last week.
and we had landscaping!

and floors!

This is one of my favorite things in the whole house...a floor plug!

And they were laying our tile but they had carpeted the stairs. Hardwood stairs were a major priority for me. I do not want to be vacuuming Marley's cat hair off of the stairs for the rest of my life (or the few years we live there)! So they will be fixing that. I forgot to get a pic of that mistake though.

They have moved our closing date up 2 more days to May 27. So, assuming they are able to finish AND fix their mistakes in the next couple of weeks, we will begin our transition to the new house!

Stay tuned for some pictures from our furniture search in Atlanta and our trip to South Carolina!


michele said...

Jamie and Ben,
I am so happy for you two. I am so sorry to hear about aallll the mistakes but I think it is beautiful. I am having a Mother moment again

The Cosby's said...

It's looking great! I can't believe all the obvious mistakes, crazy people. We had several too when we were building so I guess it's inevitable. I just hope my dad can build our next one. Two weeks, YAH!

Rachel said...

Looks great!! Have fun in Atlanta! ;)

{Amanda} said...

omigosh! so what exactly is a floor plug (totally ignorant of this) that is wayyyy cool. can you believe it's only 2 weeks now?

when will y'all be moving in?
sooooo excited for y'all!!!

PS the "WORD VERIFICATION" just now (you know the little word you have to type in to leave a comment) is this:

no joke. it's obvious, but guess what word I though it was...haha!

Supabloggasuprememama said...

how much fun! don't you just love a fresh canvas? im ready to move now! new houses are the best.