Sunday, May 17, 2009

Furniture Shopping at Ikea

Last weekend Ben and I took a vacation day to do some traveling/shopping/family visiting. We spent Friday shopping at Ikea in Atlanta so I could continue my never ending search for the perfect sofa.

These mirrors were in the window display at the entrance. I just bought an old brass mirror like this at our church yard sale for $5 with the intentions of painting it out in a fun color. Ben thought I was crazy, he couldn't see the potential...until Ikea made it cool and now he loves it! Why does he still doubt me?

I am looking forward to having a back yard and patio to grill and garden in! I love this fun white picnic table.
The Pottery Barn Outlet had this version for probably three times as much.

My favorite bedroom at Ikea was taped off so I didn't get a chance to go in this time...

I did find these chairs for $69 each! My mother is giving us a pedestal table she doesn't want anymore. I plan to paint it an antique white and mix it with black chairs. I love knowing that my kids will be eating at the same table I grew up eating on!
P.S. I also love the skirted cushion. The stripe reminds me of french ticking and really pulls it all together, don't ya think?

The very first room we saw when we entered the world of Ikea:

This is nothing like I have planned to do in my house, but I really loved it! I may change my direction entirely and end up with something like this if I can't find the sofa I have in my head in the near future.

What are those women doing in my living room?
This little nook sent me into inspiration overload. We plan to do a corner of bookcases and a chair in our Office/Craft room that will earily resemble this photo.

I am so NOT contempory in style WHATSOEVER. My husband however could live in a stainless steel box with all leather furniture and straight lines. He was loving the fact that I was actually seeing the beauty in some more modern pieces, like this desk. I like the fact that it is open underneath and will not take up as much visual space in our home office.

I also really like this concept - His and Her desks! I could craft while he accounts!

From Atlanta we headed to South Carolina to celebrate Mother's Day with Ben's mom. We had a great time and even snuck in a trip to the Pottery Barn Outlet while we were there. I didn't get any pics of the family visit. I guess I was too focused on furniture for the weekend (silly me). But it was great to spend time with the Grizzle side of our family and to pamper Mrs. Grizzle a little with some lunch and shopping on Mother's Day. I hope she knows how much she means to us and how much we miss and love her!


Rachel said...

I love love Ikea!! Haven't actually been to the store in ATL yet but would love to go soon! :)

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Rachel said...

I just checked out the "inclusion of the post" Cool Jamie!! You're famous! ;)

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