Sunday, October 31, 2010

First Halloween

I am a Halloween nut. When we found out that we were pregnant I quickly counted the months on my fingers and was so excited to realize that he would arrive in October. Just what I wanted - a Halloween baby! What better reason for a Halloween party than my son's birthday? I have a folder full of ideas for parties for years to come.

Ben and I started planning his costume months before he was born. We knew it would be tough for find something for a newborn. So I initially planned to make him a costume. I had my own homemade version of an Alabama football uniform in mind. I told the ladies at work my plan and shared with them that Ben was trying to figure out how to make a helmet when my genius coworker, Cheryl, said we should check Build a Bear. Brilliant! When we went looking for one we found the whole ensemble. It was perfect. And when the salesman asked if we needed a bear to go with our outfit, Ben simply told him we already had one. Asher Bear.

When Halloween finally arrived, we were so excited to dress him up. On Saturday, the 30th. we attended a very special birthday party. My best friend's daughter's FIRST birthday party! We coulnd't miss Madi's special day and we had a great time showing off our new little guy. Check out these cute kids.

Halloween night we chilled at home and handed out candy. Asher slept through most of it but he still looked pretty darn cute.

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The Faucett's said...

You and Asher coming to Madi's party was the best surprise ever!