Monday, November 1, 2010

Aunt Sister

My sister, Jodie aka Sister, arrived on October 25 (Asher's original due date). She had already booked her plane ticket before he was born and we couldn't wait for her to get here. I can already tell that Asher and Aunt Sister are going to have a special bond. She spoiled him rotten while she was here.

I had a great time with her as well. She was a huge help too. She did chores, entertained us and spoiled Asher. Thanks, Sister!

One day, we tried to take my first outing with the baby and it didn't quite go as planned. We got Asher ready, packed up his diaper bag, strapped him into his carrier and headed to Barnes & Noble. I was bogged down with everything a baby could possibly need as we took him out the door and Sister yelled, "I got the keys!" I locked the handle on the way out. Sister tried to lock the dead bolt once we got outside. When it wouldn't work, I realized she had grabbed my spare set of keys which held my car key and the key to my mom and dad's house. Ok. No big deal. I can drive to Ben's work and get his house key. Except for one problem - our garage is detached and the car waited inside it behind another locked door. Poor Ben had to leave work and come home to let us in. Luckily the weather outside was perfect and Sister and I had no problem killing time and chatting while we waited. Asher was, as usual, a perfect angel and didn't even notice a thing had happened.

When Ben got home he decided to stay there and hang out with the three of us. So, sister and I made a run to Walmart where she insisted on buying anything in the cart that had to do with her new nephew and then we went home to get Ben and Asher and headed to Chuy's for dinner. Sister treated us to wonderful dinner and we celebrated Asher's first night out on the town.

P.S. The car key mistake was NOT my sister's fault. I told her where the keys were and didn't realize my normal set was missing.

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Jodie said...

haha. nope, it wasn't my fault. Dad took the keys home with them!
I had an amazing time too. Thanks for the sweet post. Love you.