Wednesday, November 17, 2010

One Month Old

At one month old Asher weighs around 9.5 pounds and is growing like a weed in length. He is a happy baby and rarely cries. He is struggling with constipation and will cry when he has a bowel movement, but is instantly happy again when he has finished. He loves to be snuggled and I love that he loves it! He is such a little observer already. He holds eye contact for a long time and loves to be talked to. He has begun to smile socially. I have enjoyed the "gas smiles" but the first time he smiled in response to me, I melted. I was changing his diaper when he was trying to take a poo. I was coaching him through it and told him to "tell that poop to get out of your butt." Embarrassing first smile story, I know. For the rest of the day, I kept repeating that line to get him to smile again. Even though he had already finished his "business". It is true what they say - a parent will do anything to make their baby smile. Now he smiles all the time. And I am proud to say, will smile for me more than anyone. He smiles a lot for his daddy too. I especially love when he sees me or hears my voice and his whole face lights up.

He likes to be sang to. I sing lots of Disney songs, praise songs, show tunes, Christmas songs and our theme song "I Could Not Ask for More" by Sarah Evans. I choke up every time I sing the line "Smiling just to see the smile upon your face". He is the only person on earth that likes to hear my singing but he will start cooing and smile every time. I think he is trying to sing along with me. I am beyond blessed to get to spend my days with this little guy.

He has started making really cute noises too. He coos and gurgles, especially when you talk to him. I keep trying to video tape him doing it so I will have it to keep. I never want to forget these little sounds.

He is also sleeping through the night and has been for some time now. He eats 4 oz every 3 hours. You could set your clocks by his schedule. He is pretty predictable and seems to be a creature of habit like his daddy. He takes his last feeding at 10 p.m. and wakes up around 6 a.m. He is just the perfect baby. We didn't even have to work on it - he just started doing it by himself. By a couple of weeks old he was sleeping for 5-6 hours at a time at night and now he will go a full 8 hours and sometimes longer. Bless this child. He knows how much his Momma needs her sleep.

He is content to sleep just about anywhere too. In his bouncy seat, swing or crib. But his favorite place is laying across my chest and rocking. He is still sleeping in our room at night. He sleeps in his pack and play, inside of his Moses basket. I am dreading moving him upstairs.

He is a good car baby and goes into a coma when the car is moving. He will sleep in his carrier well past our trips. When we get home I generally just bring him in and leave him in his carrier until he wakes up.

He also loves his floor gym. He paws at the toys dangling above him and kicks and smiles when he sees the lights flashing. He can entertain himself for quite some time laying there.

He is wearing mainly 0-3 months and has officially outgrown all newborn clothes. Sad.

He has a little bit of cradle cap but it isn't very noticeable. Otherwise, his skin is perfect. I hope it stays that way. He looks like a little China Doll. He has the sweetest little swirl on the top of his head. I have a feeling it will be the same cow lick that I have in the exact same spot right now. But in the meantime, it is the perfect little kissing spot.

He enjoys bath time as long as long he is kept warm. I like to lay a wash cloth across his abdomen and chest and I will re-wet it with warm water while I wash the rest of his body. It seems to keep him warmer and he loves it. He will watch me in the mirror and smile until I take him out. Then he cries. He does not like to be cold! But who does?

It is bittersweet to watch him change and grow. On one hand, I want to stop time and keep him exactly like his is right now. But then he will do something new and amaze me. I just want eat up every second I can with him.

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Lanie said...

Love the pictures! That Sara Evans song is one of my favorites! :)