Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Thankgiving with Gigi & Papa

Asher spent his first Thanksgiving in South Carolina with Gigi & Papa, Uncle Steve & Aunt Anna, Reid and Sawyer.

It was his first time to meet Gigi & Papa. They had both been sick with bronchitis since he was born and out of concern for Asher decided to postpone their trip to Alabama. Asher took to them right away and was smiling as soon as they met.

It was also his first time to meet his cousins, Reid and Sawyer. They were The Three Amigos. Reid and Sawyer were beyond sweet with their newest cousin. They were very interested in him and wanted to hold him all the time. They held him gently, comforted him when he cried and even asked if he could go home with them. I just know these three have lots of years of fun ahead of them.

Ben and I had our first date night while we were there. Gigi & Papa kept the boys while Steven & Anna and Ben & I went to see the new Harry Potter. It was great to get away for a little bit and of course the movie was fantastic. But I was definitely ready to get back to my little guy. He was curled up in Papa's lap when we got home and I am pretty sure he didn't even notice that we were away.

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