Wednesday, October 6, 2010

What's Up Doc?

I'm taking a little time out of my morning to vent about my experience with the doctor yesterday. This is a long story and only serves the purpose of making me feel better. So, feel free to bypass this post if you want.

Sticking around? Okay then...just to catch you up - here is a little back story:

I have had a rash for over 3 weeks now. It is on my arms and legs and is the kind of rash that isn't contagious, but itches like crazy, causes me to scratch until I bleed and keeps me up at night. Now, let's face it - the last thing I need right now is something else to keep my up at night. As if the constant trips to the bathroom, heart burn, carpal tunnel, inability to breathe and the fact that it is impossible to get comfortable and pretty much takes an act of congress to roll over isn't enough already...

My OB/GYN looked at the rash 3 weeks ago and said it is probably just a pregnancy rash and will go away when Asher gets here. The next week I saw another doctor in the practice and she said the same thing. Monday, Dr. G (my doctor), saw it again and said, "Um, I think you need to get that looked at." and referred me to a dermatologist. I called immediately and was ecstatic when they said they had a 10:00 cancellation for the very next day. All my hopes were resting on this appointment. I couldn't wait to find out what was wrong with me and more importantly how to treat it and STOP THE ITCHING!

Okay, consider yourself caught for the story:

Tuesday morning I went to the dermatologist and she asked me what I had been doing for treatment so far. I told her that I had been taking benadryl, applying hydrocortisone cream and using a benadryl itch relief spray. All of which were not working or even helping for that matter.

So she proceeds to ask me a bunch of questions, look me over, scratch down my back to see the reaction and take lots of notes. I am watching and waiting for her to explain what is going on with me and most importantly to tell me the miracle cure. BUT, instead she....

Shrugs her shoulders says, "Hmmm...that's weird. I don't know what it is. Could be pregnancy related. Could not. I say you take 2 benadryl every night and here is a prescription for hydrocortisone cream."

I am not happy. This is exactly what I told her I have been doing for 3 weeks without any results. So, I ask her how this will be any different.

"The cortisone cream is a little stronger." And then she shrugs (again) and says - it might help. It might not. Come back in a week if nothing changes.

Okay, let me just say that this is my least favorite thing that doctors say. I mean, I am red faced as I type this. I don't want to come back in a week. I am here TODAY. I am paying you for TODAY'S appointment. Let's figure this out TODAY.

She says, "If you are miserable, come back sooner."

I tell her, "I am miserable NOW. I am have been miserable for THREE WEEKS!"

She smiles and says, "Bless your heart." And that's that.

Worthless. Thanks for nothing, Doctor.

So...I am still scratching and miserable. Praying for Asher to get here ASAP. Trying to decide what my next move should be. I don't want to go back and pay that woman twice for nothing. The only thing that helps is that my husband is so wonderful and made it up to me last night. More on that later...


Rachel said...

I'm so sorry! I can only imagine how miserable that is to deal with. I've heard of several women getting a rash during pregnancy. I wish I knew of something for you to try. I'll say a prayer that you get relief soon so you can get some rest!!! HUGS!

The Penter Family said...

You should have asked for your copay back! I did that once at a dr. office and they gave it to me!

Also, don't go back to the dermatolgist until after Asher is born if you can handle it. I had terrible itching when I was pregnant with Colton and it went away the day he was born. It probably IS pregnancy related! Hang in there. You really will forget about all this stuff a few months from now... I promise!

McKinney Madness said...

I'd be livid. Can you get a 2nd opinion at another dermatologist? Are there any "home remedies" you haven't tried that might do the trick? I HOPE I don't get a rash... I'm with you- pregnancy is hard enough as it is!!

The Wood Family said...

OK- the nurse in me is coming out. Go see a Dermatologist that will culture it, it could be a yeast infection (the kind that grows on dry skin)and the hormonal change and blood sugar changes when you are pg.Could be a fungal infection too- and cortisone cream makes both of these worse, by killing the good cells along with the bad. due to all the itching- also it could be a bacteria infection, and it could be pruritis- which can grow on dry skin- eczema, that once scratched can pop up everywhere. Sorry you are going through this!Get someone to culture it, you can even go to a walk in clinic for this- they just have to rub a q-tip across it and stick it in the tube.