Tuesday, October 12, 2010

My Favorite "Pregnancy" Items

I have learned a lot about survival these past 9 months. With a pregnancy that has handed me a lot of problems surprises, I have figured out what helps with several different pre-baby issues and how to stay as comfortable as possible while you wait it out. Some advice has been gratefully handed down to me and some I have learned on my own. I find this information to be invaluable and thought I should pass it on...

Yoga Pants. I have a few pair of these and I wear them constantly while at home. They fit my ever growing belly, are super comfy and will come in handy after the Asher is born as well.

Tums Smoothies. Dang if I didn't just find these a couple of weeks ago. I have had the worst heartburn this whole time and have choked down regular old chalky Tums (which I happen to hate, but dislike heart burn just a little bit more). These are not as chalky and come in mint. It's like eating a Certs.
Zantac. If Tums doesn't work, I suggest asking your doctor to recommend something stronger. Mine actually thinks that Prevacid works better. I wouldn't know. At $25 a box, I decided to try her second favorite - Zantac. It has a generic (Ranitidine) and I believe it cost less than $5. Both come OTC. Ranitidine works really well for me.

Tylenol PM. I should probably put this at the very top of my list since it has been the most helpful product for me. With a rash to keep me up at night, taking 2 of these little guys has been the only reason I have gotten any sleep in the past month.

Water with Lemon. I know some people hate drinking water. I don't mind it. But after what seems like my 30th glass of the day a little added lemon can really help to change the flavor and apparently has some magic power for reducing swelling.

Flip Flops. Speaking of swelling, my feet have swollen to gargantuan proportions. I am lucky to be pregnant in the summer because flip flops are the only thing I can get on right now. And that is only after I purchased some that were 2 sizes bigger normal. I don't know what I would do if it were cold and I had to buy bigger boots. Flip flops can be purchased for a few dollars. Boots - not so much.

Stool Softener. That's right, I said it. Pregnancy and pre-natal vitamins can really cause some issues in the bathroom. If it weren't for these little puppies, I'd be...well, full of it!

Nursing Tanks. Gilligan & O'Malley from Target. Some of us were cursed with given larger chests than others. Because of this, anything with a built in bra, seam or cup NEVER fits. But these particular tanks actually fit and offer support. They are the best! I wear them all the time and I am not even nursing yet. Best of all, they are reasonably priced at only $16 each. I have one in every color.

Motherhood Maternity Jeans. Good fit and good price. And they come in petite. Bless them.

Tervis Tumbler. With all the water you have to drink - this definitely comes in handy. Tervis Tumblers are great! If you don't have one, you need to get one. Pregnant or not.


Rachel said...

So jealous about the tums! I had horrible heartburn and the chalky ones made me gag!

The Penter Family said...

I'm still trying to figure out the tumbler thing! ha!
those nursing tank tops from Target are awesome...even more awesome when you are nursing. Very easy to pull down without undressing

We are BLESSED. said...

love everything on your list!!! i have used ALL of it!

McKinney Madness said...

A couple of questions: where did you get your yoga pants and where in Target do you find the nursing tanks? I LOVE Gilligan and O'Malley and will certainly need nursing tanks for when ST comes, but believe it or not I don't really have any (besides a hand-me-down that really doesn't fit). I may be wearing flip flops next month in 30 degree weather if I have to, because my shoes don't fit either!! And to think- shoes are supposed to ALWAYS fit!

Maegan said...

I'm so glad the gilligan and o'malley worked out for you-they are the best!