Thursday, June 17, 2010

Thanks, Amanda!

Amanda and Mason came over for dinner Tuesday night and brought wonderful presents for Baby Asher. They gave us this diaper bag in black. I love it because we can use it beyond just a diaper bag. It is cool enough to be a tote for many years to come!

They also gave us a sweet little lovey that I need to take a photo of. Asher already thinks Mason is the coolest and can't wait to come out and play with him.

Thanks Amanda and Mason!


McKinney Madness said...

Too cute! Is this from Pottery Barn? Bethany has a green one like it I think?!

{Amanda} said...

Awwww, we LOVED coming over to spend time with y'all & dinner was delish (as always). LOVE you, Ben & Baby Asher...can't wait for October to get here already!