Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Baby Loot

NOTE: No one but me will care about this - but I wanted to document the first presents that were given to our little boy.

This is just SOME of the stuff we received before we knew what we were having. From the looks of it, we were destined to have a boy.

I have to give a big thanks to my brother-and-sister-in-laws. They really hooked us up. Most of the stuff in this photo is from them. As well as the photo below. The bag holds crib sheets, crib skirt, a Baby Bjorn and 2 covers for the changing pad beside it.

My parents were hoping I was pregnant before we even had a chance to tell them. Right after we shared the good news my mom gifted us with this.

It was important to her to buy the baby its first blanket because my grandfather (my mom's dad) bought me mine. I slept with it until I had to retire it in high school. It is now in a safe place and has been replaced with a blanket that my grandmother (mom's mom) made for me.

Aunt Betty gave this to us the day we found out Asher was a boy.

 More presents from Aunt Betty.

I didn't buy anything the first 5 months of pregnancy. I was waiting to find out the gender. Lucky for my wallet there is not much boy stuff to choose from. But inspite of the lack of supply, I have still managed to pick up some pretty good stuff.

I bought this gown and burp cloth immediately after the ultrasound. His first boy duds!

And a couple more shopping trips later...

Every Grizzle Boy needs an argyle sweater vest.

Washcloths for his bathroom.

  I love the detailing on this little sleeper.

  And the perfect faucet cover. An elephant!
The water comes out his mouth and he blows bubble through his nose.

Ok, so I lied. We did buy this before we knew Asher was a boy. It was the first thing we ever bought him. A blue elephant. The perfect baby item.


Cortney said...

I love the loot! I've got my stash hidden away too, but let's just say that if I don't have a boy you'll be getting a large amount of clothing from me! : )

Rachel said...

I love all of the elephants!! :o)

The Wood Family said...

You and I are so m,uch alike! I love all of your things for Asher! Congratulations, I know you are super excited! You look too cute pregnant! What a blessed little boy this will be! You two are going to make great parents!