Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A Mover and a Shaker

I have been feeling some major movement for a few weeks now. But last night Ben was able to feel the kicks himself. As I laid in bed, it was even visible. It is so exciting. All the cliches about loving this little thing beyond anything you can imagine, in spite of the fact that you have never seen or touched him, are so true. Sometimes I just want to cry. I feel so blessed and so thankful that God has entrusted us with this little life. I pray I am every bit of the kind of Momma He is calling me to be. Ben and I are both well aware of the task at hand. And while we know there will be hard days ahead, I pray that we are able to focus on the blessings and never take this job for granted. I always want Asher to know that we prayed for him and wanted him in our lives.


paulandsarah said...

Oh I cant wait to get to the point of feeling little kicks! How exciting!

{Amanda} said...

Jamie Michele, y'all are going to be incredible parents! God is equipping you with everything you need (and of course he will along the way too!).

Benjamin Asher is one lucky little boy- what a blessing he will be to your family and what a blessing for him to have you and Ben as his parents!!!

Jaqueline said...

I prayed for my baby girl every day she was in the womb as well. It is such a special connection that you have with them. Children are SOO much work, but such a blessing!