Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Starstruck at Newk's!

So Sunday after church, Ben and I went to Newk 's for lunch. It is a new sandwich cafe by our house and Ben was certain I would like it. We ordered our lunch - I got a pizza and Ben settled on a white barbecue chicken sandwich (big surprise there). While Ben was paying, I grabbed our cups and headed back to the coke machine. I made it half way there before I stopped dead in my tracks. Roger a.k.a. "Rog" from the Biggest Loser was there eating lunch. As in Roger - second place winner. Roger -the person who lost the most weight ever on the show. Roger, who played for Alabama. ROGER Schultz! I was too excited to go any farther. I mean he was sitting right NEXT to the coke machine, for Pete's sake! So I headed back to the register, shaking (I am seriously a nerd) and informed Ben of Mr. Schultz's presence. To which, he replied..."So."


"I can't go get our coke's now!", I explained. He laughed and told me to go sit with our friends Ron and Sonya and he would take care of it. So I took my seat next to Sonya and excitedly reported the good news to them as well. No one else seemed to understand my excitement. Oh they found it quite amusing, but did not share in it, per say. Apparently I am the only person in Alabama that followed the show this season! Grrr... I was not going to let everyone else's mediocre enthusiasm ruin my day. So, after a little encouragement, I decided to go to his table and talk to him! I apologized for interrupting his lunch and congratulated him on his accomplishments on the show. I told him I was a huge fan and had to come over and tell him how proud Alabama was of him! (again, I am nerd!). He was very nice as were his wife and son. In all of my anxiety, I forgot to get a picture with them! Oh was still a pretty good day for me! I get starstruck pretty easily...obviously.

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Amanda said...

Girl, you are crackin' me up! *STARSTRUCK*

Work schedule's pretty tentative, have to be fluid during the week. And then I only have 1 open weekend the entire month of May...

You're absolutely right: e-mails & blogs are not enough!