Friday, April 4, 2008

Hello, Cupcake!

Martha Stewart has devoted this entire week to cupcakes! As always, I have jumped on the band wagon and want to make every single kind she has shown. But because these were so adorable (who knows what they taste like) I had to post some photos of these clever little creations...

That's right, these are plain old vanilla cupcakes decorated with what else, but Jelly Belly's, to look like corn on the cob. There is even a sliver of Laffy Taffy placed on top to take the place of the butter. I especially like the corn skewers plugged in the ends...nice touch!

This cupcake was covered in green nerds and sliced up orange tootsie rolls to resemble a moundful of peas and carrots. This may be the only way I would ever get Ben to eat either of these vegetables!

Here are some of my other favorites from her contest for "The Cutest Cupcake"...







blueberry pie


potted plants

ice cream cone



cute and girly


caramel apples

DQ frozen dessert

apple pie

golf ball in grass

a bouquet of cupcakes

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. said...

Seriously...those cupcakes are AMAZING! It sparked an idea: what about doing a Spring Tea Party? Maybe one Saturday (or Sunday) afternoon, everyone could dress in their best tea attire (hats & gloves optional) and bring 1/2 dozen of their bestest /favoritist /mostest creative concoctions...and then of course we eat them all! (with tea)