Monday, June 13, 2011

Asher Gets Tubes

My sweet boy had to get tubes on June 13th. He had had 5 ear infections in 4 months (in the summer, no less) and I just couldn't see him suffer anymore. Dr. P sent us to Hoover ENT where we saw Dr. Boyd. Man, is he good. I can't say enough about the way he runs his practice or the way he calmed my nerves and answered all of our questions. Everyone kept telling me - "Tubes are great!" and "He will be a different child afterwards." But I can honestly say that I didn't want him to be a different child. He was a real tropper through all of his sickness and never made it very hard on us. He ran high fevers, had runny noses, red and pitiful eyes and tugged at his ears. But he still slept at night and cried very little. My little man is one tough cookie. In fact, the doctors and nurses warned me that he would be really upset after the tubes. He would feel funny and I wouldn't be there when he woke up so he would be a little scared. When they brought him to me he hadn't shed a tear. And never really did. I cried way more than him during the surgery.

We arrived at Children's South at 5:45 AM.

We signed in and were back into our room in no time.
These cute signs were on his door. They immediately realized that his first name was on the door, but that he goes by Asher. No biggie in my eyes, but they made him a whole new sign. So sweet.

Asher was weighed, had his BP taken and was given Tylenol.
We met with the anestesioligist, nurses and Dr. Boyd. Then they called us back. Asher was first on the docket. So I handed him over to the nurse and watched them carry him down a hall that I was not allowed to go down. Yep, that was when I officially lost it. We went back to our room and waited. They had all kinds of free snack and beverages for the parents but I couldn't eat. So we sat. For what was only maybe 20 minutes in reality but seemed like much longer in mommy-misses-her-baby time. Then they brought him to us. I cried quite a bit more. So happy to have my baby in my arms. The nurse and Dr. Boyd both said he did great and remarked on how well he was doing afterwards. Not even a whimper. They had given him a small bottle of apple juice. I am a little weird about sugar and he had not had apple juice yet. I think he was distracted by his treat and forgot to be upset about the surgery.
After he kept down the juice for 15 minutes we were allowed to leave. We were home before I would have been leaving for work on a normal day. I spent the rest of the day at home "caring" for my child. My child who was back to his normal self after a good nap...

 He spent the rest of his day taking self portraits



And laughing at his Thingamajig.

UPDATE: Since getting tubes, Asher has not been sick and started sitting up literally that day. He had not been steady yet and I attribute that to fluid in his ears.

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