Friday, June 17, 2011

Asher - 8 Months

We are having a blast with our little man. He is changing so much lately. Not so much in size or looks, but developmentally. He is eating more and more food every day and wants less and less to do with his bottle. He loves his sippy cup. We only put water in it for now, but I am considering putting his milk in there so he will drink more if it. He also loves finger foods. He eats puffs, little crunchers, yogurt melts, fruit, yogurt, and would eat even more if I let him. He's always grabbing at our food and cups. Such a little piggy.

He is working in a full head of hair. It is even starting to show signs of curl. The Alabama humidity does it's job on the back of his head. When we were in Florida his whole head was nothing but curls.

He loves showing off his new tricks. He can now clap and will do it when you say "Yay!" or ask him to clap He can also gives fives. Even high fives! His daddy has been working on teaching him that pretty much since the day he was born. As you can imagine, Ben is pretty proud of Asher's five giving abilities.

Asher is jibber jabbering a lot. Sometimes it sounds like he is making words, but I know it is just sounds to him. He doesn't really know what he is saying yet. He says "Dadadadada", "Maaaaaaaa", "Papapapapapa" indiscriminately and will whisper, which may be the cutest thing I have ever seen. The other day he grabbed the side of my head, pulled my ear down to his mouth and whispered and little "shapapapada". Precious.

I sing to him all the time. If he is upset, a song will cheer him right up. He loves "There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly", "The Crocodile Song" and a simple rendition of the ABC's. Sometimes his jibber jabber will sounds a little sing songish. I swear I think he is trying to sing too.

He plays on his own a lot and can entertain himself with in his jumparoo, by playing with his LeapFrog Fridge Phonics Magnetic Alphabet Set, or just sitting in the floor with a toy. He loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

He spent his first evening at someone else's house this month. On July 8th, Ben and I went to dinner and a movie to celebrate our anniversary. Asher went to the Cuthbert House and had a great time playing with Emily and Kendall. I think they had fun with their real live baby doll and Asher loved all the attention and playing with their new puppy Daisy. We really appreciate Matt & Misty letting Asher come play for the evening. I never worried about him once and when we picked him up he was OUT. He never woke up when we put him in the car seat or got him out when we got home. He must have worn himself out having so much fun!

Asher had a lot more firsts this month. His first Father's Day, plane ride, trip to Florida, seeing the ocean, getting in the pool, and Fourth of July.

We celebrated his first Fourth of July at home this year. A thunderstorm caused the Homewood Festival to be canceled so we decided to skip the fireworks. Maybe next year...

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