Thursday, March 10, 2011

My Favorite Things

Wow. Haven't done one of these in awhile. Here are a few items that make my life a little better. (As if it isn't already good enough. Have I mentioned that I LOVE being a Mommy?!?!)

Vera Bradley All in One in Black Microfiber. I was using a wristlet/wallet that would hold my cell phone, debit card, keys and some cash. I could just throw in Asher's Diaper Bag and the best part was that I got it at Target for something like $10 and was loving it. Until I broke my iPhone and had to start using an Otterbox. Bless those things - they save your phone but darnit if they aren't the bulkiest and ugliest little contraptions. My phone would no longer fit in my cute Target wallet. After looking around for a couple of weeks , I finally I decided on the All in One Wristlet by Vera Bradley. I was hesitant because Vera Bradley was never really my thing. It is cute, but the prints didn't really speak to me. Nevertheless, I headed to Wrapsody to pick one up. I was trying to find a print that was "me" when the sweet sales girl showed me the all black version! So happy. Now I use it all day, every day and never forget how much I love it.

Quaker True Delights in Blackberry Pomegranate

Swiss Cheez-Its

Caldrea Stainless Steel Cleaner in Ginger Citron. This stuff cleans great and smells wonderful!

Shark Steam Mop

Bacon. I used to HATE bacon. Even the smell of it. Pregnancy changed that. Now I make pancakes and bacon for breakfast every Saturday morning and have gotten a little obssessed with recipes that include my new favorite ingredient, Bacon!

Little Golden Books. I must have had a hundred of them when I was little. Ben and I both loved to read as a kid and I am crossing my fingers that Asher does too!

Sam's Auctions - did y'all know about these? You can go on Sam's website and bid on their merchandise. I got a Wolfgang Puck grill/griddle that is currently selling on for $100 for FORTY DOLLARS! Whoot whoot! Brand new. It's gonna make some good pancakes and bacon this weekend!

Roasted Sweet Potatoes - I'll post the recipe in the next blog.

My Crock Pot. It's so nice to come home to a hot meal! I really want one with a timer. Maybe I can find one on the Sam's Auctions.


Rachel said...

Love your list! I'll have to go check out the Sam's website...I didn't know they had an auction. That's awesome!

Anonymous said...

where do you get the stainless spray? those wipes do NOT work!

The Cosby's said...

My sweet potatoes made a "favorites" list!! And I worried that night so much that you would like them. Success!