Monday, January 17, 2011

Asher - 3 Months

I have more pictures I have been wanting to put on this post, but since he is nearly 4 months old, I guess I should just add the pictures later and go ahead and publish this...

At 3 months old, Asher is really becoming his own little person. He has so much personality and is so much fun. He has found his voice and loves to coo and laugh. He even laughs when he is sleeping. We keep trying to catch this on video, but he stops before we can get the camcorder out. This is the best we have done so far. We caught a weak little laugh at the end. It is too dark to really see...but I am putting it on here for posterity's sake.

He definitely recognizes Ben and I and gets so excited when he sees us. His sweet fat cheeks get so rosy. And his whole face lights up when he smiles. He also thinks we are hilarious. We spend hours coming up with jokes that are funny enough for his sophisticated sense of humor. Not everyone can come up with stuff as good as "Hey Buddy!" and "Boogie Woogie".

He is holding his head up with out any support, blows bubbles with his slobber, loves his Glow Worm, and anything that dangles above him. He is intrigued by the TV and loves to watch his Praise Baby or Veggie Tales DVD's from time to time.

We set up his highchair so he could sit at the table with us when we eat dinner at night and he looks like such a big boy in there. I think he likes being able to see everything from a new viewpoint.

He started Day School at 12 weeks old. He seems to like it just fine. It took some getting used to for me, but I am actually starting get in the swing of things.

His schedule got a little awry between all the traveling over Christmas, starting Day School and hitting his 3 month growth spurt, but I think we have figured out the perfect schedule to get him back on track. He takes a 4 oz bottle at 6 AM, a 5 oz bottle at 9, 12 and 3 and another 4 oz bottle at 6 PM, we then wake him up at 9 PM for a 2 oz snack. Sometimes he doesn't even drink the whole 2 oz, but it is enough to get him through the night. He generally falls right back to sleep when he is done and we have to wake him up at 6:00 the next morning to start all over again. However, I can't complain too much. Even when he was waking up at 2:30 in the morning, he would wake up in a good mood. I would drag myself out of bed to get him and then would get so excited to see him smile and laugh when he saw me.

He is still in 3-6 month clothing and weighs 14 lbs. He really doesn't seem to have grown much in the past month at all. Which is fine with me, there for awhile I was afraid he was turning into a Giant Baby.

He is no longer sleeping in his Moses Basket. The kid is way to big for it now. So he sleeps in his pack and play. I keep saying that I think I am ready to move him to his crib but I am part lazy and part nervous. It will be hard being on the first floor while he is upstairs, but I guess that is what the video monitor is for.

He has gotten a little bald spot on the back of his head from rolling his head back and forth when he sleeps. He does this when he is awake too. We call it his "Stevie Wonder Impersonation" and keep saying we are going to put some sunglasses on him and video tape him.

He had his first cold last week and handled it pretty well. He wasn't his happy, smiley self for a few days and then finally started with a runny nose and watery eyes and got pretty fussy one night. He wouldn't eat and I could tell he didn't feel well. We gave him some Baby Tylenol and it knocked him out. After about a day - he was back to his cheery self but still had some congestion. The doctor said he was improving really well and to just keep an eye on him and make sure he didn't get an ear infection. So far, so good (knock on wood).

he woke up and told us he didn't feel good...

and spent the rest of the day in deep thought.

He catches glimpses of his hands every now and then and is mesmerized by what he sees. He brings his hands together in front of him. Sometimes it looks like he is praying while other times he looks a little more like a villain concocting his evil plan. He loves to suck on his hands and can bring things to his mouth to "chew" on too. I keep waiting for him to figure out how to pop his thumb out and suck on it.

He hasn't really figured out how to grab stuff, but he can hold onto whatever you put in his hand. It takes about two seconds before he puts it in his mouth.

His constipation medicine is keeping him regular. I tried to cut back on it and it was pretty obvious that we are not ready for that yet. But, I am happy that he is not hurting when he makes a poo anymore and he doesn't fight me when I give him his medicine.

I love when I am holding him and get preoccupied with texting someone or watching TV. I will look down to see him staring at me and his whole face will light up with a smile when he catches my eye. It is so precious! This little guy melts my heart. I never tire of his precious smile and LOVE LOVE LOVE being his mommy. I always knew I would love being a mommy. But being ASHER's momma is way better than I ever imagined.

Asher is the perfect addition to our family.

3 month photos coming soon...

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