Friday, January 14, 2011

Christmas in Ohio

We traveled to Ohio on December 22nd. When we arrived, Asher's fan club was waiting on us. My grandmother, her twin sister, Aunt Joy, and my great grandmother were so excited to meet baby Asher.
5 generations.
Oma was so excited to see her grandson.

My mom had everything ready for us when we got there. I didn't need to bring a thing for Asher. She had clothes, bath stuff, a bassinet, pack and play, bouncy seat, diapers, wipes, baby q-tips, bottles, towels, bibs, you name it. She was prepared! I think she might have been looking forward to Asher's visit. What do you think?

Poppa was excited too.

It is our tradition to go to my dad's parent's house for Christmas Eve. It just doesn't feel like Christmas to me if I am not there. I was so thankful to get to spend time with my family and for Asher to meet his relatives.

Asher and his Grandpa Amel.

Asher and his Grandma Angel (my grandmother's mom). If he had been a girl he would have been named Audrey - after her.

Asher and his Grandma Judy, or as we all call her - Grandma Jude.

Asher and Camie, my cousin Eric's wife.
Asher and Eric. Eric doesn't like to hold babies, but Asher won him over in the end.

The great grandkids, Madi, Brent and Asher.

On Christmas morning, we woke up to find that Santa thought we were VERY good this year.

Asher got a lot of great stuff!

He was so excited about it!

All the excitement soon wore him out so Mommy and Daddy opened his presents for him.

I got my mom a blanket that was monogrammed with "Oma". She loved it.

Disclaimer: Mom made me promise not to post any pics of her in her pj's on facebook. Good thing this isn't facebook. :)

We got more gifts than we could fit in the car to come home.But my favorite gift was having Asher and spending time with our families. We got to see both families this year. We are extremely blessed to be surrounded by caring, Christian families that love us and love our son. I look forward to the relationships he will build with these amazing people for years to come. My heart swelled with joy this holiday season as I was continually reminded that God has poured out his blessings on my family.

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{Amanda} said...

So glad y'all had such an incredible Christmas! and PS I LOVE LOVE LOVE your very last sentence on this post- praise God for that!