Saturday, January 1, 2011

Resoltions for 2011

1. Lose 30 lbs by Asher's 1st Birthday. Here we go again. Definitely not planning to be pregnant again this year. That should help.

2. Minister. Become actively involved (as a family) in a ministry that serves others.

3. Nurture my soul. Continue in devotionals and prayer time with hubby, pray over Asher daily and spend time in the Word and solitary prayer.

4. Document Asher's First Year. He has changed so much already. Memories of him as an infant are already starting to fade. I am so thankful for the photos and videos that help to preserve those precious moments. I want to do my darndest to make sure I have a healthy library of Asher Moments to look back on.

5. Organize my closet. This is the year. Either I am going fit into my "skinny clothes" again or I am going to accept that I will never again need them. Either way, I am sick of having a big, medium and small wardrobe.

6. Home Projects: 
Living Room - Art, chest for hallway and paint.
Dining Room - Buffet and rug.
Master Bedroom - New furniture, chandelier, drapes and paint.
Staircase - Wall of photos, paint (flat paint not working).
Hall bath - Wallpaper.
Asher's Bath - Wainscoting, paint.

7. Edit my recipe collection. I have put a lot of work into building a catalog of recipes that my family uses. We have found several new recipes this year (mainly due to so many people bringing us delicious meals after Asher was born), I want to get rid of the recipes that we really don't use and update with some new favorites.

8. Teach Asher Baby Sign Language. Just some basic words, nothing too extreme.

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3 boys 1 princess said...

sounds like you have a busy year! try to enjoy each day, i miss my boys as babies :( and i love that you will try to teach him baby sign. we used the basic signing with both of mine and they were signing by 6 months-12 months until they started to use their real words instead. it was a God-send. your family is precious :)