Friday, August 29, 2008

My Favorite Things

1. Brightly colored painted furniture. I now have the urge to paint all the furniture in my house.

2. Birdhouse Jewelry Organizer. Found this on Urban Outfitters website. Went to the store to buy it and they didn't have any. I am apprehensive about ordering it, but contemplating it nonetheless.

3. Francesca's. A little accessories and gift boutique at the Summit. Always my first stop when I need a little something to spice up an outfit.

4. Open Windows. I love opening up the house and letting the fresh air in. So glad the temps have cooled enough to do just that.

5. Netflix. I have mentioned before that Ben and I both love to snuggle up with a good movie. We love Netflix because we don't have to take the movie back and it keeps a list of all the movies we want to see and sends us the next one in queue. In a word, convenient.

6. Morning Coffee - I love my java in the morning. The caffeine is needed, but the aroma is oh-so-pleasing.

7. Cheesecake Factory Ranch Dressing. They sell it by the jar now! Today for lunch, I made my own version of one of their salads and it was delicious!

8. Spinach Pasta. Amanda Brooke made it for us at Supper Club last night. I am not a fan of whole-wheat pastas, so I was leary. But let me tell you something - it was better than regular pasta! Popeye would be proud.

9. Busy at work. No more boring days at work. With my new "position" at work I am staying super-busy. Which is great, the days fly by and I feel a sense of accomplishment at the end of the day. The only downfall is that The Happy Wife blog is suffering - as I am sure you have noticed. Please accept my apologies.

10. Football season! It has officially begun. Let me get one good Roll Tide and Go Bucks out there before I sign off...have a great holiday weekend, y'all!


Jessa Mullen said...

Francesca's is a favorite of mine too.. I LOVE that place..
I have missed you bloggin.. I can usually always count on you?? But trust me I know the feeling.. So your apology is accepted!!
And of course I am SUPER PUMPED about football season..
A BIG WAR EAGLE to ya girl !!

Camron . Martina . Colton said...

Rick will definitely keep you busy...that's for sure. War Eagle!

A Little Something About Us said...

How about the Tide this weekend?!! ROLL TIDE Jamie! What would the church office do without you?! Hope you can continue to find time to blog, you were my blog inspiration.