Wednesday, August 13, 2008

My Favorite Things

  1. Milk. Another item that I can't believe has evaded My Favorite Things list for so long. I love skim milk. Drink it like crazy! Some of my friends even have a quote from me about this, "Milk, milk, milk...I love milk!" (Spoken just before getting sick from milk.) Still love it!

  2. Blake's wine. This is a double entry - Blake entered his favorite thing for the week to be making your own wine. This is his newest hobby. I must say that I like this hobby as well, as I get to enjoy the wine that Blake makes. Yummy!

  3. Rate My Space. Visit the link to the left or just watch the TV show on HGTV. Either one will inspire you to add some extra flair to your home decor.

  4. Elvis. Oh, how I love Elvis. Loved him since I was a little girl. He was long gone before I was even born, but I still feel a very close connection to him.

  5. Godinger Pitcher. One of my early b-day gifts from my husband. I love white pottery and couldn't pass up this beauty! It will be lovely to serve drinks with, put flowers in or just sit in my kitchen for display.

  6. Hot chocolate. It's my way of pretending like summer is gone. I make a giant mug of it, curl up in bed and read Harry Potter. It almost fools me into thinking the heat is gone.

  7. Martha Stewart Garlic Peeler. Just place the garlic clove in the center of the tube, roll on counter with the palm of your hand and the garlic pops out the end, perfectly peeled!

  8. Homewood Church Shepherds. The Shepherds at our church are a great group of loving men. They love God and God's people with all their hearts. It is so nice to go to a church that is led by men I trust with all my heart. Thanks, Steve, Jim, Toby, Dan, Reuben, Stan and Butch!

  9. Iguanas Mexican Restaurant. We were introduced to this place by our good friends, Maghan and Hal Craig. Of course any Mexican restaurant is fine with me, but this place is so fun inside! It would be a great place for a party. If I had it to do all over again, I would have our Rehearsal Dinner here - it is so festive!

  10. Lamps. Overhead lights hurt my head, plus they aren't flattering to people or rooms. You might even say, "I love lamp!" (I really do love lamps, but please tell me someone got that joke?)


Blake said...

I am so excited to make the TOP 10!!! What an honor. Do I get a little gold statue or anything? I feel like I should anyway...and perhaps an acceptance speach that would be cut short by a commercial...I would like to thank the Academy (of homebrewing) and my supplier of grains, yeast and chemicals.

You Rock Jamie!!! It was great hanging out with you and Ben...can't wait until next time.

Bobby and Sylvia said...

Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday, God Bless You! Happy Birthday to you! :)

Fabulous Top Ten, as always! Every week I look forward to your Top Ten List! :)

Libby Barker said...

um. Yes. i admit it. Not only did I get #10's joke, I actually laughed out loud!
Love your blog once again... hope you are doing well! Happy Birthday!
Love Libby